Pregnant Lindsay Lohan Glows as Her Bare Baby Bump Makes Its Magazine Cover Debut

When you think “glowing pregnant goddess,” chances are Lindsay Lohan comes top of mind — or it will after you see her gorgeous new cover shoot. The Mean Girls star is currently pregnant with her first baby with husband Bader Shammas, and her beautiful bare baby bump made its magazine debut looking as glowy as ever!

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Lohan (and her unborn baby!) are the cover stars of the June 2023 issue of Allure Magazine, which you can see HERE and HERE.

In the video cover, she wears a black sweater opened to reveal her growing baby bump as her long red hair flows in the wind. In the traditional cover, she wears a shimmery black coat with a hood, fitted over her bump. She gazes at the camera with her sparkling green eyes. Her eyebrows are combed up, and her pale pink lip gloss completes the classy look.

Allure captures Lohan’s motherhood era perfectly, letting her natural beauty shine through as her baby bump takes center stage. If you also grew up watching The Parent Trap starring the now-36-year-old as 11-year-old twins, then you know just how big of a deal her return to acting — and our hearts! — is. Now she is about to become a mother, and we are so happy for her.

  • Lindsay Lohan’s Baby Bump Has Finally ‘Popped’

    Image Credit: James Gourley/Getty Images

    In the interview with Allure, Lohan was beaming as she told the outlet, “I popped!” and her family and friends echoed: “She popped!” She is clearly so excited to be a mom, and her enthusiasm is contagious. 

    In beautiful photo for the spread, which you can see HERE, Lohan shows off her fashion side, wearing tasseled jackets and super-flared pants and other outfits that show off her beauty and her bump. 

    It seems like in every bump photo Lohan posts, she just looks so radiant, we can’t help but feel happy for her.

  • Netflix’s Falling For Christmas Celebratory Holiday Fan Screening with Cast & Crew

    Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Netflix

    In the interview, she also talks about meeting her husband Shammas in Dubai. After talking for hours, she boldly proclaimed, “I feel like you’re the person I’m going to be with forever.” What a confident move! 

    He later proposed in Utah during filming for her Netflix movie, Falling for Christmas, and they got married in April 2022 in a private ceremony. 

    Later that year, she was in London doing press for Falling for Christmas, when she made another bold proclamation. She told her mom, “I think I might be pregnant.” Sometimes you just know! 

    She got back home to Dubai and took a pregnancy test, which was positive. “It was so unexciting,” she remembers about announcing the news to her husband. “I walked into the room, I threw the test down. I was like, ‘Guess what?’ He goes, ‘We are?’ and that was it!” 

    She revealed the happy news to the rest of the world on March 14, 2023, writing on Instagram, “We are blessed and excited! 🙏🤍👶🍼” along with a baby onesie that reads “coming soon…”

  • Lindsay Lohan Has Reportedly ‘Always Felt Maternal’

    Image Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

    Being the eldest of 4 siblings helped Lohan prepare for her future role as a mom, as “she has always felt maternal,” according to Allure. 

    She added, “I can’t wait to see what the feeling is and what it’s like to just be a mom. Happy tears. That’s just who I am. Though now, it’s probably baby emotion.” 

    “It’s overwhelming in a good way,” Lohan said. 

  • Jamie Lee Curtis Gave Lindsay Lohan Advice

    Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

    Another cool anecdote from her cover story? She spoke to her Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis about motherhood, and she gave her some sage (yet simple) advice. “I spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis recently and she was like, ‘You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine.’”

    In an interview with The New York Times last month, Lohan and Curtis both shared how their 2003 movie influenced their parenting. 

    Lohan shared that she learned to “have more patience. You want to let them explore and live the way they need to live — with boundaries. I’m not there. I’m getting there. In a year, come back to me and ask me what it’s like. And then in 16 years.”

    Curtis learned to “suspend the judgment, open the ear, listen more.”

    She added, “Also, as a parent, we’re sizing up all the time: shoes, clothes, foods. It’s all future thought. My lesson from Freaky Friday was to be where your feet are.” 

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Be an Amazing Mom

    Image Credit: Eric Kowalsky / MEGA

    Lohan is already crushing the mom scene, and she hasn’t even welcomed her first baby yet. We love seeing her so happy, bold, confident, and radiant as she shows off her baby bump. We just know she’s going to be an amazing mama!

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