Pregnant Desi Perkins Opens Up About Her IVF Journey and the 'Shame' Surrounding Infertility

Desi tells PEOPLE that it was important to her to share her story after she felt that "infertility had gained a power over me that I just didn't want," and that she "needed to release all of the pent up emotions that I had."

"I felt like I was hiding this dirty secret all the time, and I felt more alone than ever going through this journey by myself — not sharing it with a lot of people — and it made me feel guilty about my body," she says. "I shared a little bit about the situation on my platform."

"In that little moment that I shared, I've gained so much support and it slowly gave me my power back and it made me feel more in control because for so long, I felt so out of control that sharing that information was in my control," the beauty guru adds. "I realized how many women are going through the same struggles as me, but nobody's talking about it."

As for whether she and Steven have a moniker picked out for their son on the way, they've "thought about" it but haven't settled on one yet. However, fans might not want to expect something on top 10 lists.

"I don't think I'm going to be too much of a traditional name girl, which will probably freak some people out, but we'll see," Desi teases.

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