Pregnant Bekah Martinez Breast-Feeds 11-Month-Old Daughter: Pic

Bonding with her baby! Pregnant Bekah Martinez shared an intimate shot breast-feeding her 11-month-old daughter, Ruth.

“My take on motherhood (and life in general I guess): when you’re doing what feels right in your soul, someone’s gonna complain,” the Bachelor alum, 24, captioned the Tuesday, January 21, Instagram post.

In the mother-daughter photo, the California native gazed down at Ruth while the little one nursed. Martinez wore a green bra and underwear set that matched her daughter’s onesie.

The “Chatty Broads” podcast cohost, who gave birth to her baby girl in February 2019, shared her breast-feeding plans in November after being asked how long she’s going to nurse.

“As long as I can and both of us want to,” Martinez wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. “There’s nothing f–king weird about a 2-year-old still nursing. It’s bonding time, soothing time and boosts the immune system. it’s only weird if you’ve still got it in your head that breasts are inherently sexual, even between mother and child and if that’s the case, who’s the weird one?”

The University of California Irvine student went on to write, “In order to keep my milk supply up, I nurse as frequently and as long as I possibly can on days I’m not at school,” Martinez explained. “Having a baby empty your breasts as much as possible (yes empty!!) sends the signal to your body to produce more milk. … Furthermore I don’t pump unless I’m at school. I supplement with formula on these days so I don’t put pressure on myself to produce enough milk for when I’m gone. For me, more stress = less milk.”

That same month, Martinez announced that she and her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, are expecting their second child together.

“Thankful,” the former reality star captioned a family photo, featuring an ultrasound shot. She went on to post a nude selfie showing her bare baby bump.

Martinez and Leonard’s infant is due in June. “If I have a little girl, the sisters will be only 16 months apart,” the former ABC personality revealed on a November episode of her podcast. “My sister and I are only two years apart [and] it’s a blast. And if it’s a little boy, how fun because we haven’t had a little boy yet.”

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