Pour One Out for Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, Whose Son Just Pooped in a Resort Pool

If you’re not ready to start the day with a funny poop story, are you even a parent? Today’s gross-out laugh comes courtesy of Bachelorette alumna Ali Fedotowsky-Manno, who is on an otherwise glamorous vacation in Maui with her family, husband Kevin Manno, 3-year-old daughter Molly Sullivan, and 1-year-old son Riley.

“Riley hasn’t poop in 3 days but other than that, we are all in our happy place,” she wrote on Instagram Monday, posting a beautiful pic of the family at the Fairmont Kea Lani resort. “Think [poop] thoughts for @rileymanno.”

And right now, many of you have already guessed what’s coming next.

Later in the day, Fedotowsky-Manno took to her Instagram Stories. At first, she wasn’t quite ready to share the gory details.

“So, Riley pooped and I’m so mortified at what went down when he finally pooped that I don’t think I’m ready to share — or will ever be able to share — but I’m just letting you guys all know it happened,” she said. Her next couple of stories showed the kids playing on the beach and her holding a “double” piña colada.

Of course, many of her followers were able to solve the mystery right away.

“You all guessed that Riley pooped in the pool,” she said. “That’s the truth. He pooped in the pool. They had to shut the pool down for like an hour-and-a-half. It was super embarrassing.”

But, you might protest, was Riley not wearing a swim diaper? How dare she not take precautions? Oh, yeah, he was, and she did. And since you asked (as did others trolling on her blog), she gave us the TMI explanation:

“He was in a swim diaper; he just had runny as F poops, and it all leaked out of his swim diaper,” she said later, as she watched the sunset.

Rather than criticize her, though, let’s all give her a shout of solidarity and share our own kids’ most embarrassing poop stories. Here’s mine: When my son was 3 and well-potty-trained, I took him to an evening concert at the botanic gardens, where he announced a poop emergency. We made it a couple of steps away from the fancy picnicking crowd before he dropped trou and pooped like a dog in some mulch. I’m so glad I happened to have a doggy waste bag in my pocket to scoop it up as I looked sheepishly at the horrified onlookers.

Motherhood ain’t for the squeamish. Now, you go.

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