Post Malone Reveals His Best New-Dad Skill & It Has to Do With Being a Rockstar

Post Malone (né Austin Post) opened up about being a proud daddy to his 14-month-old daughter, and his best new-dad skill has him feelin’ like a rockstar.

During Wednesday’s episode of Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, Post Malone talked about fatherhood and his rarely spoken about, never-before-seen baby girl. Cooper asked the rapper what he thinks his best new-dad skill is, and after a thoughtful moment, Malone quipped, “Having money.”

The “Rockstar” rapper added, “As of right now, it’s good for the baby and good for the mom, and I think that’s about the only skill I have, really,” he laughed. “Sometimes I’ll play guitar with her, which is an alright skill, but they’re like ‘Put the f*cking guitar away, I want the new Fisher Price deal,” Malone joked.

He cracked on, “I think the baby knows the code [to my Amex]. That’ll be her first word, my credit card number.” But in all seriousness, the dad of one said, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been; I’ll pay all the money in the world.”

“I’ve always wanted kids and, like, a big family,” Malone shared. Opening up about his fiancée, whose identity is protected by the rapper, he sweetly gushed, “I could tell she was going to be a really good mama. And she’s like, No. 1 mom in the f*cking universe.”

Cooper also asked Malone what his biggest fear is, and he candidly answered, “I guess not being able to be there for my baby, which is a new fear. That’s why I tried to slow down on drinking, to take better care of my body,” he admitted. “I stopped drinking sodas and stuff.”

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The “Sunflower” rapper continued, “I went to the doctor, and they said, ‘Hey man, your liver sucks,’ so we’re fixing it.” He explained, “I used to drink because I was sad. Now, I drink for shows and because I’m happy.” Getting incredibly honest and admirably vulnerable, Malone said, “It’s hard getting out there, and I get so shy and timid and sh*t, so I just drink a little bit to, I guess, cope with that and be able to get my liquid courage, literally.”

Malone dropped the bombshell that he and his fiancée welcomed a daughter during a June 2022 interview on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show. “I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon [then] I went and kissed my baby girl,” he said. After being asked if he was talking about his girlfriend, Malone clarified, “Nah, that’s my daughter.” The little girl’s name is yet to be revealed, but many fans speculate the “Circles” rapper’s “DDP” tattoo on his forehead represents her initials.

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