‘Please stop guys’: Rob Lowe hilariously trolled by son John Owen on ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Rob Lowe’s youngest son, John Owen, may work for prolific screenwriter Ryan Murphy, but his main expertise seems to be trolling his famous dad on national TV.

In a clip from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” published Monday, DeGeneres interviewed the “Code Black” actor while his 24-year-old son crafted clever burns about him backstage and posted them to the screen.

DeGeneres noted John Owen and older brother Matthew Edward’s reputation for playfully dissing their dad on social media, with Lowe adding, “They troll me, as the kids call it.”

Lowe’s interview began with him discussing a People magazine feature that dubbed him “sexy at every age.” It wasn’t long before John Owen chimed in with, “You should ask him how many times he’s been on the cover,” referencing how his dad has never been People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

“He’s in there, but it’s basically a participation award,” John Owen added.

When DeGeneres went on to show shirtless photos of Lowe as “examples of what somebody should have seen to put him on the cover,” John Owen intervened again.

“Please stop guys,” he wrote. “plz”

After seeing a picture of a shirtless Lowe cuddling their dog, John Owen teased, “Honestly surprised he’s not shirtless right now!”

DeGeneres then pivoted to Lowe’s trip to the Galápagos Islands, displaying a photo of the actor with a large tortoise. According to Lowe, the animal was “probably 150.”

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“They honestly don’t truly know how old they can live, but that is obviously a big boy right there,” the 55-year-old continued.

The setup gave John Owen another opportunity.

“Just a bunch of dinosaurs hanging out, rob fits right in…” John Owen wrote.

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Even talk of Lowe’s Christmas tree obsession didn’t escape scrutiny. While the actor described the lengths he goes to take care of his family’s Christmas tree, John Owen interjected, “It’s the only thing he’s ever done around the house,” adding a shrug emoji.

According to Lowe, “how you handle your Christmas tree says a lot about you.” Just as he asked DeGeneres how she takes care of her tree, John Owen got in his last burn before the commercial: “He is truly obsessed with this…”

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