Paris Hilton Gets Slammed for Going on a Baby-Less Vacation & Now We Need a Break From the Internet

Breaking news: parents have lives outside of their kids. I know — it’s shocking, right? How dare a mom do anything that doesn’t revolve around her child for one second without people (read: the internet) going into a tizzy about it. Paris Hilton was the focus of recent backlash for taking a little me-time this summer, and we are so tired of the mom-shaming.

The Paris In Love star recently shared a video of her amazing summer in Greece with husband Carter Reum. She explained that the couple were enjoying a much-needed “escape” after a busy summer with work and taking care of their firstborn baby Phoenix. “An incredible escape with my love after countless weeks of flights, performances, shoots, and mommy duties. 🇬🇷 💕 #Greece #SummerOfSliving,” she wrote.

In the video, she’s swims in aqua-blue water in a pink bikini, goes wakeboarding, spots dolphins, and hangs out onboard a luxe boat. It looks like a dream getaway — one that would make anyone jealous. To go as far as to shame her for taking some time off without her 6-month-old baby is a little ridiculous, but it’s exactly what people did in the comments section.

“’Mommy ‘ duties NEVER end 🤦‍♀️🙄,” one person wrote. Um … duh! We’re sure she was still checking in with the babysitter at home. Plus, we all know it’s impossible not to think about your baby when you are away from them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a little alone time if you can get it!

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“And where is your baby 👶🏻?” another person wrote. Someone else said, “Does she still have a baby? 😂.” Sorry, since when do moms have to have their baby with them every second? If you think that, then you probably need to go on a vacation without your baby. Seriously, give her a break.

Others came to Hilton’s defense. “Looks like a well-earned break for the both of you 🥰 hope you had a great time!” one person wrote.

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“So happy to see you take time off and enjoy life! 🙌🏽💖 Love you @parishilton 💖✨,” another wrote. Exactly! It’s a good example for other moms. You can — and should! — take a break from everything, including mom duties, if you can. It’s essential for your mental health!

The “Stars Are Blind” singer recently opened up about her sweet baby in a new interview with Us Weekly. “When I look in his eyes, my heart melts,” she said. “He’s so sweet and innocent and lights up my life in so many ways. He is just my little angel. This has been the best time.”

She added that she “can’t wait” to have another baby. If she is planning on baby no. 2, that’s even more reason she deserves a little R&R right now!

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