Parents Are Crying Happy Tears Over This 'Absolute Magic' Sound Machine That Put Their Baby To Sleep in 60 Seconds

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If you’re reading this, you’re tired. You need something that will get your fussy baby to sleep, and you need it fast. We know you’ve already picked out the perfect crib and sleepsacks and bedding, but now your child needs to be soothed. And there are an overwhelming amount of sound machines on the market. There are portable sound machines, ones that are app-activated, ones that look like animals, and ones that are actual stuffed animals. And hey, bonus points for this one that looks like a succulent. Because yes, sometimes it’s all about aesthetics.

But for us, there’s one sound machine that really cuts through the noise. The Baby Shusher plays the sound of a person shushing, and we know what you’re thinking because you’re not the only one: “Honestly, I thought this was stupid when I was planning my registry,” one person wrote on Babylist. “‘What parent is too lazy to shh for their baby?’ I thought. Me. That’s who. After my baby arrived and I’d invested hours of my life making the shh sound within the first week, I revisited this little invention!”

It’s a little invention that’s gotten a whole lot of love. Amazon shoppers have called the Shusher a “lifesaver” and said their only regret is not buying it sooner.

“This device is absolute magic,” one happy parent said. “I swear there is a little battery-powered wizard elf inside of it giving off the most perfectly-toned shushing sound that puts my child to sleep almost immediately, every time. I don’t know what black magic devil the inventor sold his soul to, but it works. And it works soooo well. You will regain your sanity, and your sleep, and be ever so glad you bought it. I’ve never been more happy with a product in my life.”

This 5-inch soother can be set to a 15- or 30-minute timing. Choose your volume level and then place it near your baby in the car or in their bedroom (just not in the crib with them!) or carry it on your wrist while you take a stroll around the block. And batteries are included because the company knows you’re too sleep-deprived to grab a screwdriver. Thank you!

“I have a 3-month-old baby who fights naps like a gladiator,” one shopper said. “Pair that with first-time clueless parents and naptime was quite the event at our household…Today is the first day using it and I put my baby in her crib for her first nap and she fell asleep after two minutes of crying. I thought this was a unicorn moment but I am writing this review as she sleeps in her crib beside me. It took me one minute! That’s right — one minute!!!”

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