One Reddit Bridezilla Is Mad at Her Pregnant Maid of Honor for the Most Outrageous Reason

Time and again (and again and again), we see stories of entitled brides on the AITA subreddit who are terrified that someone is out to ruin their day or steal the spotlight. Well, we just may have found the crème de la crème of wedding a—holes. Although there is probably now a bridezilla out there saying, “Oh really? Hold my champagne.”

One mom-to-be is preparing to be the maid of honor in her high school friend Sarah’s wedding next week. She should be excited, she said in a Reddit post, but the situation has caused “a lot of anxiety” because she is 8 months pregnant, and the bride is not happy about that.

Let us set the scene: Sarah and her fiancé Dave have had a 2-year-long engagement, and OP has helped Sarah navigate the complications of planning a wedding. A “major setback” has been that Sarah and Dave don’t want children at the event, and so OP has helped handle some entitled family members who “demanded to be ‘the exception.’”

“All was well with the world until I found out I was pregnant,” OP wrote. “My husband and I have been actively trying to have a baby for the past few years with no luck. I have some medical issues which make having children extremely challenging for me, and when I found out, I thought Sarah would be happy for me, but she told me I was incredibly selfish.”

Like one commenter said, we can’t believe we just read that. That was a typo, right? There’s no way a friend would think getting pregnat is “selfish,” right? RIGHT?!

“She did the math and figured out I’d be due around the date of her wedding — which (she reminded me) I knew about well in advance,” the post said. “I tried to explain myself, but she wouldn’t hear it.”

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Pause: What is there to explain?

“She said if I was really her friend, I would have planned around her wedding.”

Planned the pregnancy around the wedding? Are we all being Punk’d? When is Ashton Kutcher going to jump out?

One Redditor put it perfectly when they said, “Honey. Skip the wedding and lose the friend.”

This MOH told Sarah she realized she was hurt but “wasn’t about to put my plans on hold for her.” Duh! Unfortunately, this did not go over well. Sarah could not believe that after spending so much time telling loved ones not to bring children to the wedding, OP would “only to turn around and do it myself.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sarah. You do realize a fetus and a toddler are not the same thing, right? A fetus isn’t going to throw a tantrum during your vows. A fetus isn’t going to need the caterer to make chicken nuggets. A fetus isn’t going to cause your friends to leave early to relieve the sitter.

OP told Sarah over and over that she’s not due until after the wedding. She then went back to edit her post after many commenters brought up the fact that she could indeed go into labor well before her due date. She said she knows she sounds “naive,” but she wanted to have a way to comfort Sarah.

“She’s been bringing [up the concern that I might go into labor at the wedding] repeatedly and making comments about my body changing and the pictures, etc.,” the post said. “She’s mentioned more than once she’s worried I’ll be taking attention away from her and now I’m starting to believe it.”

OH NO SHE DIDN’T. Are you kidding me? This is giving us major flashbacks to the bride who Redditors think was worried her nephew who made her wedding dress would steal the spotlight, and so she didn’t invite him.

And somehow, no one else in the wedding party sees how outrageous this bride is being. The other night, some of the bridesmaids texted OP saying she’s a “bad friend” and “doesn’t deserve to be a part of this wedding.”

“[Text Sarah and say], ‘I have listened to all the messages, calls, and talks about how awful I am for being pregnant at your wedding,’” one commenter suggested. “‘I don’t want to put you through that stress, so I’ll be stepping out. I hope you have a wonderful wedding, and I hope this eases some of your anxiety.’”

As you’ve no doubt concluded (we hope!), the internet agreed that OP is NTA. People kept pointing to the facts that the engagement was extra long and that it was hard for OP to conceive. Both of which are valid reasons to be extra pissed at this situation, but let’s just make something clear: Even if the engagement was two weeks long, and even if this MOH had no problem conceiving, she still should not have to plan her pregnancy so it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s schedule and spotlight.

“Friends are happy when their friends get pregnant,” one commenter said. “Friends are not friends when they are worried it might affect ‘their big day.’”

Abso-freaking-lutely! In fact, several commenters said it would be “epic” if their best friend went into labor during their wedding and that it would “crank the ‘best day ever’ dial up to 11.”

Now that’s a friend!

Another said she will be 40 weeks pregnant when she is in her sister’s wedding (“so I won’t be able to fluff out her dress”), and her sister is so excited. The bride has joked that she will come to take pictures at the hospital if the baby is born during her big day. OK, but please don’t let that be a joke! We want to see viral pictures of one sister in a wedding gown and the other in a hospital maternity gown.

We can only hope OP goes into labor during the wedding and has an excuse to leave Sarah behind. Or, as one commenter said, it would be even better if the baby comes early.

“OP has the baby the day before the wedding and doesn’t have to endure that awful so-called friend,” they wrote.

Right, she shouldn’t have to be around an awful “friend” and a bunch of mean women who say she “doesn’t deserve to be there.”

“I have to agree, you don’t deserve to be part of this wedding,” one user said in a comment that was dripping with sarcasm. “You don’t deserve to be told you are ‘selfish’ for getting pregnant. You don’t deserve to be getting little texts and snaps telling you that you are a ‘bad friend.’ You don’t deserve the aggravation of doing a favor of being in a wedding of somebody that isn’t happy for you.”

“Why don’t you just back out and let your dear and lovely friend have her childfree wedding, hmmm?” they continued. “It sounds like it would be ever so much less stressful for you.”

Absolutely! She doesn’t need all this stress at any time, much less at the end of her pregnancy. What she does need is to cut off this friendship.

“Drop this diva,” one user said.

“Seriously, distance yourself from this woman. She’s awful,” another said.

What’s unfortunate, is that even if OP drops out (it sounds like the internet might be convincing her!), there will still be a child at the wedding.

We’re looking at you, Sarah.

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