One of Kate Middleton's Children Is Her Right-Hand Person For Keeping the Other 2 to Behave at Public Events

With Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children, you can tell what role each of them has. Prince George’s turning more and more like his father every day, while Prince Louis remains the adorable wild card people can’t get enough of. And Princess Charlotte? She’s already taken after her mother in more ways than one, including being the mini peacekeeper with her brothers.

Body language expert Judi James told Fabulous, per Express, that Charlotte helps her mother out by helping make sure the boys behave during big royal events.

“Charlotte told Louis to sit up while Kate leaned forward to straighten his tie. It’s very sweet to see how he responds quickly to orders from his sister,” James said. “The minute Charlotte told him to sit up in his seat he pulled up straight away with no murmur of dissent or argument.”

She added that the boys actually don’t complain about their sister helping them out with royal etiquette. “When they got back into the carriage we saw Charlotte mirroring Kate when it came to little Louis. As Louis sat between his two siblings, Charlotte watched Kate carefully, and when Kate leaned forward to speak to her small son, it was Charlotte immediately using one hand to signal that he should budge up in the seat.”

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Charlotte keep her brothers on their best behavior.

During the Platinum Jubilee, people caught Charlotte correcting George’s posture and reminded him when to bow during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

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From coordinating outfits to keeping the peace, Charlotte is already so much like her mother.

William and Kate Middleton have three children named George, 9, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5.

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