One Dodgers Fan Was Crowned the Ultimate Dad After Catching a Foul Ball While Holding His Baby & Beer

One lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan unlocked ultimate dad status after making an impressive single-hand catch at Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, and the internet is deeming the viral video of the masterful moment a virtual home run.

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Steve Pettit, a Glendale Fire Department engineer and father of two, was seated at Dodger Stadium with his daughter strapped to his chest in a baby carrier and a pint of beer in one hand when suddenly, he noticed a foul ball headed right their way. He did what any multi-tasking dad and baseball fan would do in such a moment: he clutched his beer a little harder, locked eyes with the ball, and rose from his seat with his free arm held high to make an internet-breaking catch.

The best part? He didn’t spill a single drop of his beer.

Pettit’s moment of fame was set in action when St. Louis’ Tommy Edman popped a foul ball into the stadium’s second deck from the first-base line. To make it all even crazier, the dad revealed he scored tickets to the game from a co-worker who just happens to be Edman’s brother-in-law. What are the odds of it all?

  • A Slow Motion Moment

    Pettit told NBC Los Angeles of the incredible moment, “The ball just kind of came up, and it was kind of like slow motion.” He added, “It was sort of like, ‘Boop!’ It just like came right to my hand.”

    His wife, Misty, was seated beside him in complete disbelief as the moment unfolded. She told the outlet, “I pulled my camera out and started to record the reaction because the crowd was going wild, which was really fun to see.”

  • The Dodgers Became Fans of Their Lifelong Fan

    Image Credit: Denis Poroy/Getty Images.

    The impressive catch was caught on video and shared by the Dodgers’ social media team in a tweet captioned, “This dad caught a foul ball while holding his baby and a drink. 😲”

    In the clip, an announcer is heard saying, “Dads making plays! Nice!” As Pettit proudly holds his fist and foul ball high, the announcer adds, “A beverage, a baby, and a baseball” while the crowd goes wild. 

    The team later tweeted a photo of Pettit in the stands wearing a huge smile as he held his ball, his beer, and his baby girl. They captioned the grin-inducing snap, “Dad power.”

  • The Internet Has a Field Day

    The internet of course had a field day with the viral video, with one Twitter user writing, “Dad power at dodger stadium is insane.” Another tweeted, “He’s MVP!!!”

    Other comments included “What a catch!!! This should make the top 10 plays of the week!” and “Not all heroes wear capes!” Another Twitter user hit the nail on the head with, “This guy is gonna be an internet sensation/legend.” A legend in The Book of Dads, indeed.

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