Olivia Munn’s Son Malcolm Has Dad John Mulaney Cracking Up with His New Skill

Snakes hiss, pigs oink, and comedians laugh — but Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney does it all! Olivia Munn just shared the cutest video of her and John Mulaney’s 14-month-old son. He’s reading a book with his dad and demonstrating his newest baby milestone in an adorable way.

“🐍🐷,” The Newsroom star captioned the video on Instagram, hinting at what was to come. It seems to be before bed, as Malcolm is dressed in a dinosaur sleep sack. He’s sitting on his dad’s lap, and Mulaney is reading him a book about animal sounds. It quickly turns hilarious. After all, as the son of two people in the entertainment industry, Malcolm definitely knows how to put on a show!

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“Snake, hisss,” the comedian tells his son. A beat goes by, and Malcolm responds with his own little “hiss,” and my heart melts. Someone in the background claps and says, “Yay!” as Munn says, “Aww!” Malcolm smiles, super proud of himself, and repeats. “Ssss, ssss,” he says to get more attention. Adorable!

Mulaney then draws his attention back to the book. “What about this?” he asks, pointing at a pig. Malcolm looks at it, and without any prompt from his dad, starts snorting. The cutest sound in the world is an understatement! It immediately makes Mulaney crack up laughing, falling backward on the couch. It’s a spot-on, hilarious impression.

“So sweet! My heart can’t take it!!” comedian Phoebe Robinson commented.

Makeup artist Daniel Martin wrote, “He’s growing up so damn fast!! 🙈🥰❤️” Munn responded, “@danielmartin I know! But still a baby at the same time 🥲.” It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling.

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“He takes the piggy sounds very seriously 😂 this might be the cutest thing ever,” another person wrote. Someone else commented, “How he made daddy laugh So pure!”

“Totally ready to do impressions on SNL,” another quipped.

This isn’t the first time Malcolm has shown off his natural-born comedian chops. Back in Sept. 2022, Munn shared a video of Mulaney teaching Malcolm how to say the “ahh” noise after drinking water, and it’s hilarious.

Somehow, Malcolm just keeps getting cuter!

These Hollywood parents are an absolute hoot.

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