North Snapped Stunning Photos of Kim Kardashian in a Bubblegum Pink Outfit & She's Clearly a Budding Photographer

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West has quite the eye. The 8-year-old took a series of snapshots of her mom wearing a bright bubblegum pink ensemble — and color us very impressed. North captured some very artsy photos, including a birds-eye view shot and a close-up of Kardashian’s bejeweled bag.

As you can see below, the shoot was all kinds of pretty, down to the matching pink backdrop and some very cool boots.

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Kardashian has shown off North’s impressive artistic skills in the past, including a personal tour of some of her paintings during Vogue‘s series “Objects of Affection.” “She’s a really, really good artist, and she loves to paint,” the reality star told the outlet. “[North]  does little paintings for me like this wolf. She did do one of our bearded dragon.”

The proud mom also revealed a charcoal drawing that North created, featuring a little girl with buns in her hair and fangs in her mouth. “I love seeing the personality and the moods and everything that she goes through and is feeling. It’s really been an amazing hobby of hers,” Kardashian said.

When North isn’t snapping photos or painting pictures, she’s flexing another special artistic talent. In 2020, she sang and rapped for her dad Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week runway show. Kardashian was spotted in the crowd, tearing up and filming her daughter.

“…She’s never even been up on a stage and practiced. So to see her up there, my nerves are just, like, I honestly start crying because I’m, just, I’m happy for her, but I’m so nervous for her,” Kardashian explained in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “I’m so proud of how confident she is. She obviously gets that from her dad, and it just makes me so happy that she’s not afraid to try anything. That, to me, was so much fun to see. You know, she’s just so fearless, and I love that about her, and I’m such a proud mom.”

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