Nikki Bella Swears this One Product Saves Her Butt During Her First Pregnancy

ICYMI, Nikki Bella recently shared on The Bellas Podcast that she’s dealing with hemorrhoids during her first pregnancy, and now she’s taking to Instagram to share the one product that miraculously soothes her butt. Count us in. The former wrestler and Total Bellas star certainly isn’t one to shy away from revealing all the details of her pregnancy, like those totally naked pics she and twin sister Brie posed for recently. So it comes to no surprise that she didn’t hold anything back when she shared her latest pregnancy conundrum in more detail on her Instagram stories. In the series of videos, she shares the game-changing product she swears by for dealing with terrible hemorrhoids and soon for post-labor pain. Some might think it’s a little TMI, but we applaud her for keeping it real because she’s not the only mama-to-be going through this struggle.

In her IG stories, the former wrestler and Total Bellas star raves about the FridaBaby Mom Perineal Comfort Donut Cushion, which she says “has been heaven” for her butt. And who wouldn’t want that? “Who would’ve ever thought that a donut going straight to your ass has never felt so good?,” she jokingly said. “Definitely check this out. You need this. You want this stashed in your home in case you ever get hemorrhoids or anything else to have this comfort.” *Adds to cart. 

So, how does it work? This handy device uses cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain from the vagina to your butt thanks to the inflatable pillow’s contoured design. It comes with an ice pack that you insert into the built-in compartment in the center so you can target areas right on the spot. This portable accessory doesn’t require batteries or electricity and blows up in just 30 seconds, so if you needed comfort, like yesterday, you won’t have to be in pain too long. And the machine-washable cover makes it super sanitary, so you can keep things ultra fresh and hold onto this for years to come.

She also shares some other pregnancy goodies by FridaBaby, so now you have the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree. Get in on this Nikki-approved product ASAP and some other soothing picks from FridaBaby here so you can finally kick pregnancy aches and pains to the curb.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on her future pregnancy recs because if this product’s any indication, the rest are going to be good.

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