New Mom Jeannie Mai Gets Super Honest About Her Rigorous & Repetitive Breastfeeding Schedule

New mama Jeannie Mai is taking fans through every step of the way on her journey. From postpartum anxiety to breastfeeding struggles, she wants to normalize talking about your struggles. This time, she took fans through her rigorous breastfeeding schedule.

On May 19, Mai posted a video, talking about the first time she’s ever breastfed her daughter Monaco. Then, she talked about the grueling breastfeeding schedule she’s been on while breastfeeding her growing baby.

She posted the video with the caption, “Breastfeeding sched: Massage boobs for milk, Teach Monaco to latch, Feed her for 15 min each side, Drink a sip of your gallon water, Replenish Monaco with formula if she’s still hungry, Pump each breast for additional milk, Drink Fenugreek tea, Take breastfeeding vitamins, Sip gallon water.”

She repeats that caption again, ending it by saying, “Repeat 6 more times today, Crawl under your bed and cry… Good job on day 1🥇👍🏼 Shoutout to u breastfeeding moms out there!!! Link in bio to hear MAI journey 😵‍💫 #hellohunnay”

You can see the video HERE.

In the video, Mai talks about the first time she breastfed and how it was rather awkward. But she said at that moment, she knew she had to breastfeed. However, she talked about how being a Capricorn made her so goal-oriented about this endeavor that it drove her a little crazy. She added, “I thought the milk was plentiful. No!”

Mai recently told People about her breastfeeding struggles, saying, “[Breastfeeding is] hard because it’s an every three-hour full-time job. Like every three hours, I’m pumping, I’m massaging my breasts, I’m trying to get enough to fill a feeding, I’m taking the pills, I’m drinking the tea, I’m eating the cookies. I’m doing everything to maximize that every three hours.”

The TV host and fashion expert added, “It’s just a lot of pressure — yes, I’m putting on myself — to perform. But I’m trying and I want to reward myself just for doing that.”

In 2021, she announced on the show The Real that she and her husband Jeezy were expecting their first child together. Then on Jan. 11, 2022, they welcomed their daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins.

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