Natalie Portman Reveals Her Kids True Feelings About Her Being an MCU Superhero

Now we’ve seen some hilarious celebrity kid reactions to their parents being on-screen superheroes. Some love it, some couldn’t care less, and others wanted to be on set every chance they could to see their parents perform. (Hint: the last one 100 percent pertains to Natalie Portman and her adorable children!)

“They were just so happy to come to visit the set. They were so excited to see me wearing a cape,” she gushed to Entertainment Tonight. “[They’re] “so excited that there is an action figure [of my character] now.”

She added, “So that was really, really fun, to get to be in something that they were so excited about.”

Portman’s latest role is the ever-so iconic “Mighty Thor” in the latest Marvel project Thor: Love and Thunder. Portman has actually been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, starring as Jane Foster in the first Thor movie. Her character was originally Thor’s love interest, but now, she’s still Jane, in a sense. She’s just mightier and wielding the hammer Mjölnir.

Portman and her husband of nearly a decade Benjamin Millepied share two children together named Aleph, 11, and Amalia, 5.

The Star Wars alum also opened up about “reverse mom guilt,” saying: “I feel like it’s the phase of my career where I’m really trying to just impress my kids… You know, it’s very rare that my kids are like, ‘Please go to work!’ Usually, it’s quite the opposite.”

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters on July 8, 2022.

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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