Mum slams M&S after spotting item ‘which encourages boob jobs’ in kids’ section

Marks & Spencer may typically be a trusted family favourite, but it’s recently fallen afoul of one mum.

Laura Milatos was out shopping in her local branch in Shrewsbury, Shropshire when she spotted an item in the children’s section which got her fuming.

M&S’ white cushioned bras are aimed at "tweens" and retailing the "extremely common" item, according to the store, is "normal practice".

However, mum-of-two Laura feels the star-patterned bras could send a dangerous message to young girls.

Laura said: "I was just browsing the children’s clothes section before coming across the bras.

"I was shocked when I saw it and just thought ‘Oh my God!’ what is it doing there?"

As a mum to young daughter, Laura, 40, is particularly worried about how such an item would look on a child.

She continues: "If my ten-year-old daughter put it on it would definitely look as though she had breasts.

"I don’t want to give my daughter the idea that bigger boobs are better. I want her to grow up knowing having a flatter chest is fine.

She then added: "The fact that it has stars over it – I don’t believe it is aimed at 15 year-old girls.

"I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to wear that when I was 15.

"It seems as though it’s aimed at tweens rather than teens and so many young women (are now) getting boob jobs.

"If it were in the lingerie section then fair enough.

"But the fact it was placed in the middle of the children’s section just sends children the wrong message.

A spokesman for Marks and Spencer said: "There’s no fixed age when girls should start wearing a bra. What matters is that they’re able to access the right style to deliver comfort, support and modesty to a developing body.

"Some Angel bras are lightly padded to provide modesty under clothing.

"This type of bra is extremely common, and selling them is normal practice on the high street.

"We continue to listen to our customers, both Angel wearers and parents alike to ensure we have a range which suits all needs. We also comply with the BRC guidelines."

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