Mum shares genius hair tie hack which stops kids from messing up the bathroom

It can be hard work being a parent.

On top of your already busy life, you’ve also got another life – or several other lives to take care of.

And as much as you love your little ones, there’s no denying that sometimes they can be a pain in the backside.

Whether they’re having a tantrum or trashing your tidy house, there’s always something to deal with.

But thankfully clever mums are coming up with inventive, yet simple, ways to make it all easier.

Sydney-based mum, Kimberley Bosley has two young sons – two-year-old Madden and 16-month-old Hudson.

Both youngsters love to run around and explore the house, pulling things out and going through cupboards.

They especially enjoy making a mess in the bathroom.

So Kimberley has had to come up with a way to let them explore without destroying the house.

Her solution? A hair band.

Sharing a video to social media, Kimberley revealed how she had placed a hair band, or hair tie, around the toilet roll, so no matter how many times her sons spun it, they never found the end.

‘Go on little troublemakers, do your worst!" she captioned the video.

She also stopped them from getting into cabinets by locking them with the boys’ plastic toys.

To do this, she clipped several plastic rings together, and looped them around the handles, forming a sort of chain.

Other parents praised the video on Facebook , saying they wished they’d thought to try it themselves.

One mum wrote: "Wish I had known this when the girls were younger."

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As well as her hacks for the bathroom, Kimberley also told people of how she uses a cheap dog collar to keep kitchen cupboards secure.

Like in the bathroom, she loops the collar through the handles and secures it.

She said they are easy to lock and unlock – but her young boys can’t figure out how to open them.

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