Momsessed: ‘ToiTime’ Founder LaToi Storr’s Parenting Essentials Include Colorstay & Polymer Clay

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LaToi “Toi” Storr admits to rewriting her bio a thousand times, and honestly, that makes a lot of sense. After all, the Philadelphia-based lifestyle, self–care, and mental health blogger is constantly growing her business. Her blogging journey started by sharing posts on her personal Facebook page. It quickly took off from there, morphing into a blogging Facebook page and then turning into her own website, ToiTime. But Storr did not stop there. She is now the host of her own weekly podcast, Conversations With Toi, writes both as a freelancer and ghost writer, manages social media accounts for other businesses, and has other creative projects coming down the pipeline. Oh, and did we mention she does all that while being a mother of three?

*Round of applause*

Amidst all her success, Storr keeps it real, sharing the highs and the lows of being a mom — “Some days my Instagram looks like I nailed the perfect night and other times I am happy that my makeup isn’t fully smudged” — and is the vulnerable, relatable wellness queen we all needed.

“If you are looking for the cookie cutter blog, this ain’t yo momma’s blog,” she said on her site. “I am going to call a spade a spade even if that means highlighting an area where I have had an epic fail … Perfection doesn’t exist in my world. Doing my best is what I strive for daily.”

She shines a light on the reality of dealing with anxiety and postpartum depression, and she shares the self-care inspiration and motivation that we absolutely have to prioritize. Storr told BlogHer she intentionally builds self-care breaks into her day, and now we want to follow her oh-so-necessary lead.

“[Women] are the most nurturing people but often times that leaves us empty shells,” she wrote on ToiTime. “As I pour out I am aware of the need to pour back into myself.”

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So just how does this bada** blogger maintain this kind of mindfulness and fill her empty shell? Well, she shared with us her parenting essentials — and let’s just say affirmations, meditation, and a red lip go a long way.

The podcast I’m listening to right now

One of the podcasts I love listening to right now — besides my own, Conversations with Toi — is The Suga by Tika Sumpter and Thai Randolph. This podcast is my guilty pleasure for moms to give a safe space for all women no matter if you have children or not. I love their approach to finding sweetness in life. Listen, as a mom, I feel adding little small victories in life is really the way to keep my personal sanity.  

The books my kids are obsessed with

Right now the books I am reading to my children are any books that talk about loving yourself. My daughters have thick and curly/coily hair textures. For my youngest, she is struggling to understand and accept her hair because it doesn’t look like her classmates. So books with affirmations specific to hair like I AM a Beautiful Black GirL: Book of Affirmations by Isha Dibua are a go to. 

What I’m currently reading myself

Michelle Obama’s new book, The Light we Carry. I am loving her realness in parenting. It’s refreshing as I listen to her share her own struggles with creating balance. There’s a feeling as if the woman part of you has to be nonexistent or struggles until you come into yourself. 

The beauty product I never leave the house without

As a “mom on the go” and a lifestyle blogger, I am not leaving my house without my Maybelline Hustler Red Colorstay and some concealer so I don’t look like a dragon on the go.  That red is like a super power. It makes me feel like I had a full beat even when I am running on coffee and a prayer.

The app that makes my life as a parent easier

The apps that help me as a parent are my Google Calendar and Calm. The kids have busy schedules while I manage my own. Being able to sync all of the calendars with my husband has helped me be a little more polished even when I forget something. Calm has helped me get my life together at an appointment, and it has helped me pass the app to the kids during a difficult day or time.

The music we listen to as a family

As a family we are going to go team Kidz Bop. It gives the kids the most up-to-date songs but makes sure the words are taken out that need to be eliminated. There are times though that some of the song’s omissions make it even more funny since I do have a teenager who may have heard the uncut version. But I will emphasize the Kidz Bop version for that teenager and maybe get under her skin a little with it. 

The TV shows and movies I actually enjoy watching with my kid

We love watching The Masked Singer. We turn this into a competition. We try to figure out who is under the mask, and so far I have been the winner. The rule is no social media searching to gain an advantage. Also trying to figure out which legend will be on the show has been fun.

The skincare products my kid loves

My youngest has eczema, so we use a lot of the Aveeno line for her skin. We also like to use a lot of natural products like Shea butters and more to keep their skin as moisturized as possible. There are at least four Chap Sticks in each car for all of us. Recently we have been using 4 U Love Soap, a local brand here in Philadelphia.

The non-screen-related toys that keep my kid occupied

I have three artists, so we are always buying art supplies like paint, paint brushes, and the newest obsession is polymer clay for the oldest. For hours all we hear is paper, talking, and, ‘Hey mom, look!’ as they create. Only one rule: Do it in the basement where there is a desk, which makes for easier clean up and keeps it off the walls and carpet. 

The products my kid can’t live without

One of the things that we keep plenty of is sensory toys. Poppers and other sensory toys are kept in cars or purses. If I take my kids to a show, I ask if they have one that they can enjoy when they need it.

Everyone that washes a child’s hair at the sink needs a ShampooTime mat. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Attach a phone, iPad, or toy for the child to grab so they are comfortable while washing their hair. Also the Ibluelover Eyes and Ears Protector so you can wash a child’s hair but miss their ears and eyes has helped me have less drama for when it’s time to wash my younger child’s hair.

The clothing brand that helps me ‘mom’ in style

My newest obsession is with the Devan Winter Boots. They are a black (although they are only available in white for now), comfortable combat boot. They work well for winter months and as a cute shoe for an outdoor concert. They are less than 50 dollars and can be worn for so many occasions. It allows me a shoe that isn’t totally flat but makes me look like I stepped my game up a little and pulls my outfit together nicely.

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