Momsessed: Eva Longoria's Parenting Essentials Include Bilingual Kids' Books & Miley Cyrus Music

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My favorite beauty product

“Right now, it’s my Magic Root Spray by L’Oreal Paris. I have a lot of gray, and it comes in very fast, so I can’t always go to the salon. It literally comes in every seven days. I could be at the salon every Sunday if I wanted. So in the in-between, that magic root spray is insane. It’s literally magic. It doesn’t transfer,  super coverage, has all the colors. It’s magic.”

I never leave the house without …

“My phone. I have a lot of games for Santi on my phone. Coloring and math and reading. It’s a bunch of games that are super educational. I don’t like the YouTube for Santi. So, if he’s on my phone, it’s to play a game or color or read. I feel like everything’s on the phone with the kids. Monitoring his room when I’m watching him at night is on my phone. Taking a photo, listening to music, all the movies are on my phone. I can’t leave home without it.”

The music we listen to as a family

“A lot of Latin music. Right now its Rosalia, Karol G, Becky G, Shakira. It’s all the female power. Miley Cyrus, who I love. We throw her in there once in a while. For the most part it’s that Latin sound, Anitta. I love all those ladies.”

The TV shows I watch after my son goes to bed

“We’re watching Searching for Mexico right now on CNN. And Pep and I just watched The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal. So good.”

The non-screen-related obsession that keeps my son occupied for hours

“He’s really into Marble Run. Which, I had never seen a Marble Run. I didn’t grow up with Marble Runs, it’s a very English thing. So, he saw it on Peppa Pig and he was like, ‘I want one of those.’ And then it was like Christmas and someone gave him one and he’s been obsessed. And he’s so good at it. He’s doing the piece, ‘No I want it to go this way, I want the ball to go this way!’ And its very good for their organizing skills, and their head, which is good for speech. Marble Run and the Magnetic Tiles. They’re always in my purse, if we go to a restaurant they are in my purse.”

My son’s favorite grooming product

“The Wet Brush, which I use, is lifesaving. Because it doesn’t pull. He has thick hair like me, and when he had a man bun, his hair was much longer, and so we couldn’t live without that brush.”

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