Mindy Kaling Isn't 'Giving Up On Looking Cute and Sexy' After Becoming a Mom

You won’t catch Mindy Kaling wearing “a skirted bathing suit” while she’s on the beach with her kids this summer.

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The mom of two, who just launched a swimwear collaboration with Andie Swim, spoke to People about embracing fashion choices that make her feel “cute and sexy,” regardless of society’s chaste expectations for women once they become mothers.

The actress and producer said, “It’s not like you become a mom and you give up on looking cute and sexy and all you want to wear is a modest navy bathing suit. I don’t need to have a skirted bathing suit,” she asserted. The 43-year-old is excited about swimwear that makes her feel “young and carefree” — pieces that provide support in all the right places and are sexy without being too revealing.

The Ocean’s Eight star is certainly in fantastic shape to chase her littles around under the sun, as she spends “so much time and energy trying to be healthy.” Kaling shared, “I run or hike 20 miles a week and I lift weights. It’s a big commitment for me. I basically live in workout clothes so I can get it in,” she joked.

  • Mealtimes Are a Struggle

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    While she has no problem embracing sexier style choices, one thing The Office alum does struggle with is feeding her two kids.

    Kaling recently told Better Homes & Gardens that one of her son’s most “refreshing” qualities is that he isn’t a picky eater. Her daughter, on the other hand, presents more of a challenge. The Wrinkle in Time actress shared, “If I’m making a Bengali egg curry or a dal, I have to make a version of it that’s less spicy and then spice it up for me and my dad.”

    She admitted to struggling with knowing how much food she should make for herself and her children as well. “The trickiest thing for me is portion size,” Kaling proclaimed. “I have a small family, and all of these recipes I find are for a ton of eaters.”

  • ‘Peppa Pig’ Really Grates on the Eardrums

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    Another pain point for the Never Have I Ever creator? The endless loop of Peppa Pig, Octonauts, and other children’s shows. 

    Kaling told Better Homes & Gardens that one of her “house rules” is “TV volume should not drown out conversation.” She explained, “Adults and kids need to be able to coexist, and I can’t think if the kids’ TV is too loud.” We can relate — there’s nothing like Cocomelon blaring in the background while you’re trying to read a book.

  • Actress, Comedian, Producer, Screenwriter, and Mom

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    Kaling welcomed her first child, a daughter named Katherine Swati, in 2017. Three years later in 2020, The Mindy Project star added her son, Spencer Avu, into the fold.

    Of motherhood, the entertainment multihyphenate told Yahoo Life’s “So Mini Ways” in 2022, “My great dream in life was to become a mom, because of my relationship with my mom.” Two kids later, Kaling’s dream has been fully realized with her “biggest reward” being witness to her children’s happiness.

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