Millie Bobby Brown’s Go-To for Zapping Pimples Quickly Are These $15 Stickers Teens Adore for Fighting Acne

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Teens already have enough to deal with, and breakouts should be the last thing they have to worry about. Acne is annoying, frustrating, and can really impact a teen’s confidence. That’s why finding the best products to help your teen feel and look their best is an absolute must. Who better to look to than Millie Bobby Brown for some recommendations? When it comes to fighting pimples, the 19-year-old Stranger Things star uses acne patches that really make a difference, and this Amazon Choice selection is just $15 right now.

Florence by Mills Spot A Spot Acne Patches are a total game-changer. These cute little patches come courtesy of the brand Brown founded herself, and she uses them anytime she’s dealing with a troubling breakout. In a March 2023 Instagram post, the Enola Holmes actress used two patches to give one pimple “the love it needs.” And these patches come packed with the right ingredients to soothe your teen’s skin. Florence by Mills Spot A Spot Acne Patches uses beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) to exfoliate the skin and keep pores clear. They’re also infused with Tea Tree Oil for a calming effect. And Hydrocolloid is a breathable material that seals each spot with ease.

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For just $15, your teen’s skin will look and feel so much better thanks to the Florence by Mills Spot A Spot Acne Patches. But do they really work? Well, just read what shoppers have to say: “My daughter loves these and they seem to help her acne,” one shopper wrote in their five-star review.

“After the first sticker I fell on love,” another shopper said. “The area surrounding my zit will be clean and the skin would have this wonderful white texture for weeks as it heals. The patch will pop the zit for me if [it’s] a whitehead and/or suck all the puss out with it too. If [it’s] a blackhead the dirt comes off as the patch does. This patch will stay on during sleep.” These little patches can make such a difference for your teen’s skin. So add Florence by Mills Spot A Spot Acne Patches to your cart now!

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