Mila Kunis Says Husband Ashton Kutcher Is 'Fantastic' at Homeschooling Their Kids

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Launch "Quarantine Wine" to Raise Money for Coronavirus Relief Efforts

The former That '70s Show costars rarely share photos of their children, and never of their faces. But in March, Kutcher shared an Instagram of Dimitri and Wyatt holding up a sweet sign they created themselves, showing their gratitude to those working amid the pandemic.

The sign, which covered the kids' faces, read, "Thank you for all that you're doing."

In his Instagram caption, Kutcher said that the message was "to every one on the front lines."

"Medical workers, delivery folks, grocery store employees, people with kind hearts and generous spirits, and every person that has no choice but to go to work right now," the actor wrote. "Together we got this!❤️."

Earlier that month, the couple opened up about their family life during their appearance on Brit + Co founder and CEO Brit Morin's iHeartRadio podcast Teach Me Something New, sharing that they've taken to injecting a "learning moment" into tales they tell their children just like the storylines in Full House.

Kunis began by explaining how Wyatt always wants to hear stories based on her parents' lives — something Kutcher is "really good at," she said.

"[Wyatt] now knows everything about us. I mean, literally, she's like, 'Tell me a story from your life?' and you're like, 'All right, let me think about a story,' " the Bad Moms star said. "But then after a while, you run out of stories. So [Ashton] has to go and start creating stories from real life. Because you literally run out of stories."

Kunis said that's when they started using these stories to teach their daughter valuable life lessons. "We're like Full House, okay?" she joked. "We always have to have like a learning curve in there."

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