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McDonald’s Salads Have Made Over 400 People Sick in 15 States

On May 20, people across the United States started getting sick. As of today, August 10, there are a confirmed 436 cases of stomach illness from eating at McDonald’s. According to NBC New York, “The laboratory-confirmed cases of cyclosporiasis have been reported in 15 states after customers ate salads at the restaurant’s locations.”

Cyclosporiasis is an infectious disease caused by the ingestion of contaminated fruits and vegetables. The main symptom for the infection is watery diarrhea, but the parasite can also cause appetite loss, intestinal pain, nausea, and fatigue.

If driving through the McDizzy is a staple of your weekly lunch, you might want to steer clear. But maybe also avoid Chipotle, which continues to be in the the middle of massive PR issues regarding health and safety — and also Trader Joe’s, whose salads are causing the same parasite as McDonald’s.

According to the CDC, affected McDonald’s branches are in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri. Over 200 of the cases are in Illinois alone.

McDonald’s has removed the lettuce, and therefore salads, from the affected locations.

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