Mark Consuelos Recalls Playing a Major Dad Joke on Daughter Lola at a Met Gala — & It Involved Nick Jonas

In honor of last night’s esteemed 2023 event, Mark Consuelos is retelling the joke he played on daughter Lola several years ago during the Met Gala — and it’s safe to say her face was “Burnin’ Up” thanks to her dad’s ill-timed prank involving a certain Jonas brother.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa and Consuelos — who are married and share three kids — were discussing last night’s fashion event when Ripa brought up a joke that the Riverdale actor played on their daughter the night of a previous Met Gala.

The couple explained that Lola, who was a teenager at the time, has been a “Nick Jonas fan from day one,” and it just so happened that the musician was en route to the gala and stuck in traffic when the need to relieve himself arose. Consuelos, who shares a home with Ripa and their kids near New York City’s Metropolitan Museum, was asked by his “buddy” if he could pop in to use the restroom, giving the All My Children alum the perfect opportunity to prank his daughter.

  • How It Went Down

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    Launching into the story, Consuelos explained, “One year, the Met Gala — the museum is also close to our house, and one of my buddies, Nick Jonas, was on his way to the Met Gala, and the traffic was crazy.”

    The actor continued, “He was stuck in traffic and he said, ‘Hey, man, do you mind if I use your bathroom? I’m on my way [to the gala].’ And I said, ‘Please, stop by.’”

    The devious dad recalled, “[Lola] came home from school, and she wore sweatpants to school. She had gym class the final period. She didn’t like gym class. No one likes gym class their final period. First period’s worse, but last period’s bad. And she was kind of in a disarray and I knew Nick was going to come to the door,” he explained.

    “So I’m sitting in the kitchen, and Lola’s telling me about her day in school. And I say, ‘Hey listen, there’s going to be a delivery at the front door if you can get it for me, please?’” This setup is almost worst than a shotgun dad scenario; poor Lola!

    Consuelos continued his tale, recalling, “She walks over and she opens the door, and behind the door is this beautiful, shiny, dazzling Nick Jonas. And he goes, ‘Hey, Lola!’” he said with a laugh, adding that his daughter shrank in on herself as she greeted her celebrity crush.

  • Lola’s Reaction

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    Consuelos continued, “She turns around and looks at me and says, ‘I’m going to kill you.’” We imagine all teen fans of Nick Jonas would feel just as murderous upon meeting the musician after taking part in a sweaty high school gym session.

    The dad recalled his daughter’s angry disposition, saying “She goes, ‘What is he doing here?’ I go, ‘He’s using the bathroom. Please show him to the bathroom,’” he said, mentioning that Lola did as he asked as he pushed the joke further.

    “I said, ‘Stand outside the door. I want you to make sure no one goes in there. Guard the door.’” Noticing her dad was having all too much fun with the prank, Consuelos shared that she hostilely replied, “I’M NOT GUARDING THE DOOR!” before running upstairs out of sheer teenage mortification.

    Ripa laughed as her husband finished retelling the joke and added that the now-21-year-old has “never forgiven you for that.” 

  • Ripa & Consuelos’ History

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    Ripa and Consuelos met on the set of All My Children in 1995 and eloped in Las Vegas a year later. They share sons Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 20, in addition to 21-year-old daughter Lola, and they celebrated 27 years of marriage on May 1.

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