Mandy Moore Shares Photos of her ‘Transcendent Birth’ — & Mothers Are So Strong

There’s something so surreal about meeting your baby for the first time. Whether you gave birth or adopted or welcomed a baby any other way, no feeling can compare to meeting your little one. Part of your heart leaves your body and will be with your little one their whole lives. A photographer recently captured the moment Mandy Moore met her second son Ozzie, born last month, and it is so incredibly powerful.

“One month with our Ozzie,” the This Is Us star wrote alongside one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen (view the pictures HERE). It shows Moore in her hospital bed, both hands cradling Ozzie on her stomach just moments after giving birth. Moore’s eyes are closed, and her mouth is open mid-scream/laugh/cry. She is euphoric — labor is over, her baby is in her arms, and everything, everything leading up to this moment falls away. Seeing it moves me to tears and instantly transports me back to my own birth experiences. It’s just absolutely stunning, and shows just how strong mothers are.

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“I’m still able to access everything about that moment, which simultaneously feels like one second ago and also unimaginable to fathom life before,” the “In Real Life” singer continued in her caption, before thanking many people. “Thank you, Dr. Waldman, our rockstar L&D nurse, Athena, and our doula (and photographer) @rebeccacoursey_photosandfilm for holding space and allowing for such a transcendent birth experience.”

“Baby boy came into this world to the soundtrack of Willie Nelson’s ‘Stardust,” she added. “Good choice, sir!”

Moore shared more photos of her hospital experience, taken by Rebecca Coursey-Rugh. On is a wrinkly Ozzie clutching his fists and furrowing his brow. Another is of Moore’s husband, Taylor Goldsmith, holding his son bare-chested for skin-to-skin contact. There are also photos of the birthing team, and one of Ozzie in the hospital cradle. Here, you can see baby boy was born at 2:10 p.m. on Oct. 20.

The last photo in the series is a shot of Moore holding her baby on her breast. She simply strokes his little hand and gazes down at her little miracle.

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“That first picture 😭😍😭😍😭 and the song choice!!!” wrote actress Melanie Lynskey.

Chelsea Handler commented, “So sweet.” And Pink wrote, “To be this happy for a person you kind of grew up alongside in this crazy business but honestly barely know- I’m still gonna say it. I am so freaking happy for you and I know with my whole heart that you deserve all of this. Congrats to you lot.”

Snooki commented, “Ugh the best feeling in the world!!! ✨🙏🏽” and Martina McBride praised, “Beautiful.”

“Baby Moore 🥹 I love this,” another wrote. “Thanks for sharing such intimate and joyful moments! ❤️”

Someone else wrote, “The fist pic 😍💫 This is motherhood.”

The Princess Diaries star opened up to Us Weekly about enjoying all the moments with her baby.

“This time is so fleeting,” she told the outlet earlier this week. “I’m really trying to soak it in all [of] his little noises and his smell. … This newborn phase is so specific and so special and it goes by so fast that I’m just trying to hold onto it as long as I can.”

She also talked about how different Ozzie is from his older brother Gus, 1. “He’s his own little individual gentleman,” Moore told Us Weekly. “I’m not sure who he’s gonna look like. It’s still so early. We look back at pictures of Gus when he was this age and we’re like, ‘Whoa. He was completely different.’ He doesn’t look anything who he’s grown up to be thus far.”

Moore continued, “He’s a little sturdier, a little thicker. And he’s got those delicious little rolls, like, wrist rolls and rolls on his back and stuff like that. So I’m very excited. I didn’t get to experience that the first go around.”

What a cute little squish! We are so in love with this adorable family of four.

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