Lizzo's Mom Dishes on Her Daughter's Remarkable Rise to Fame

The verdict is in: Lizzo’s mom and sister are officially good as hell.

Access Online popped by the Taste of Lizzo food truck run by Shari Johnson-Jefferson, Lizzo’s mom, and Vanessa Jefferson, Lizzo’s sis, outside the Lizzo’s concert at the Hollywood Palladium to dish on what it’s like to be related to the “Truth Hurts” queen. The two were serving up fried salmon balls and “tempo tots” (two of Lizzo’s favorite foods, despite the fact that Lizzo “doesn’t even like fish”).

The interview that resulted is just as warm and wonderful as you might expect. It’s clear that Lizzo’s messages of unconditional love come from growing up in this supportive, close-knit fam.

Another fave moment for mom Shari? Getting to meet Prince — an early supporter of Lizzo’s — before he passed away. Lizzo even collaborated with him on his 2014 album “Plectrumelectrum” on the song “BoyTrouble,” an experience she referred to as “surreal,” and “like a fairytale.”

His death threw Lizzo into a deep depression. The singer recently told Trevor Noah, “I was like, ‘I have no reason to do this anymore because I was doing it for him… but then I realized I have to do this for myself, because he was doing it for me.”

We have a feeling Lizzo’s dad would have plenty to say right now — and would be happily working the food truck outside the concert with Vanessa and Shari if he were here. The truth doesn’t always hurt, and in the case of Lizzo’s family, the truth is positively sweet.

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