Lizzo Joyfully Playing a Cookie Flute on 'Sesame Street' is the Feel-Good Content We Didn't Know We Needed

When Lizzo comes on, I have to stop what I’m doing and dance. Let your hair down, scream-sing the lyrics, and have fun, mama! Who cares if you’re inching your way through the car drop-off line — we’re young and free and just a little bit wild when Lizzo is around. So when the “Truth Hurts” singer made an epic appearance on Sesame Street this week, all we could think was: it’s about damn time!

“The one and only cookie flute for the one and only, @lizzo! Your furry friends love you! ” the official Sesame Street Twitter account posted on Feb. 22. Wait, what — a cookie flute?! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like … and so cute!

Lizzo has embraced her Sesame Street era, wearing a colorful dress covered in shapes — perfectly on theme for the beloved preschool show. She’s wearing bold pink eyeshadow and her long hair is up in a ponytail. In the video, Elmo presents her with an epic flute made out of a chocolate chip cookie!

“This is it, Elmo?” Lizzo asks, admiring the delicious instrument. She adds, “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before!” Then she brings it up to her lips and the most beautiful, happy sound comes out. For a second, we get lost in the joyful melody — even Elmo seems a little out-of-sorts in the presence of this Grammy winner.

But then, Cookie Monster comes in, and, well, things get a little chaotic. You can also check out this short and sweet video on YouTube here!

Fans flocked to the comments to praise this feel-good collaboration. “This clip is good as hell,” one person wrote. Someone else said, “I love this so much! The joy it brought me is immense! ”

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“Cookie Monster is 100% that batch ,” another quipped.

Elmo and Lizzo then had a sweet interaction on Twitter.

Elmo retweeted the Sesame Street video, writing, “One day, Elmo wants to play the flute just like Ms. Lizzo! Elmo loves you, @lizzo” She responded, “Ms. Lizzo loves you too, @elmo !!!” So sweet!

Lizzo also gave Elmo a gift during her apperance, which she shared on Twitter. “Guess what isn’t a big word for @elmo anymore…..?! #balsamicvinegar.”

“Even old as hell, I love me some damn Elmo! Cuties!” one person commented. “I would like a whole movie starring Elmo and Miss Lizzo please,” another said. Sesame Street, are you listening? This is the content parents deserve!

Thanks to Ms. Lizzo and Elmo, we’re heading into the weekend with a huge smile on our faces.

These celeb families wouldn’t be complete without their furry friends.

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