Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis Reflect on What ‘Freaky Friday’ Taught Them About Parenting

Be still, our millennial hearts. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis just reconnected to chat about Freaky Friday for its 20th anniversary, and we cannot believe it has been two decades since we were blessed with that iconic body-switching film. Not to be a fun-sucker, but we feel officially old now!

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While reminiscing on life circa 2003 for The New York Times, Curtis and Lohan also answered questions about what the film taught them about parenting — something especially timely as Lohan is currently pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Bader Shammas.

Grab some French fries and check out what they said below!

  • Lindsay Lohan Was 16 When ‘Freaky Friday’ Came Out

    Image Credit: ©Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Lohan and Curtis were at two very different stages in life when Freaky Friday came out. Lohan was fresh off the success of The Parent Trap (and 2002’s Get a Clue), but she said Freaky Friday “felt different.”

    “I was going through all of the phases of a 16-year-old [but playing a character who was a year younger]. This was the era of Avril Lavigne and punk, and I wanted to experience it,” she told The New York Times. 

    As for Curtis? She had two kids at home already, Annie, who was 15 at the time, and Ruby, who was 5, with husband Christopher Guest.

    “Had I had all the time in the world to prepare, I don’t think it would’ve been so good,” she said about playing a 15-year-old. “I just had to be in my body.”

  • ‘Freaky Friday’ Taught Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis About Parenting

    Image Credit: ©Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection

    Reflecing on the movie now that she’s about to be a mom, Lohan revealed what Freaky Friday has taught her about parenting.

    “To have more patience,” the Mean Girls alum said. “You want to let them explore and live the way they need to live — with boundaries. I’m not there. I’m getting there. In a year, come back to me and ask me what it’s like. And then in 16 years.”

    As for Curtis, Freaky Friday taught her to “suspend the judgment, open the ear, listen more.”

    She added, “Also, as a parent, we’re sizing up all the time: shoes, clothes, foods. It’s all future thought. My lesson from Freaky Friday was to be where your feet are.” This is still such good advice now! 

  • Jamie Lee Curtis Is a Mom of Two

    Image Credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

    The Everything Everywhere All At Once actress shares two daughters, Annie, 36, and Ruby, 27, with husband Christopher Guest. 

    On Trans Visibility Day on March 31, 2023, Curtis shared a heartwarming photo of her and Ruby to show her support for her daughter. “Love is love. A mother’s love knows no judgment,” she wrote. “As a mother, I stand in total solidarity with my children as they move forward in the universe as their authentic selves with their own minds and bodies and ideas. On this trans visibility day my daughter and I are visible. #transvisibilityday.”

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant With Her First Baby

    Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Netflix

    The Falling For Christmas star is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Bader Shammas. The two announced the pregnancy in March 2023 with a picture of a onesie that read, “coming soon…” 

    Last month, she shared several bump photos to Instagram to mark her growing pregnancy. Curtis actually reshared the photos, writing a message of support: “My friend and film daughter @lindsaylohan is growing up! So thrilled for her. What a mama she will be,” Curtis wrote. Their relationship is adorable! 

  • Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan Are ‘Open’ for a Sequel

    Image Credit: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

    In their interview with The New York Times, both Curtis and Lohan revealed that they are willing to work on a sequal to Freaky Friday, which would be amazing! 

    Curtis explained that she kept getting asked about a sequel as she toured for Halloween Ends “When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.’”

    Lohan added, “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be. We would only make something that people would absolutely adore.”

    And we would absolutley adore anything these two star in together, so please, please, please make it happen, Disney!

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