Lightweight Manual Breast Pumps That Make Pumping Effortless

When you’re not going to be around your little newborn and need to have milk supply on hand for the person caring for your baby, you’ll need to pump. Just like breastfeeding, pumping can come with its own set of challenges and hassles. If you need to pump, you can choose from either manual or automatic pumps. If you want more control, you’ll want to choose a manual pump for a more custom experience. However, manual pumping requires a lot more effort, which can quickly become a hassle, but the rewards are worth it. Choosing the best manual breast pump for you is a personal preference, so you’ll need to consider what’s most important to you first.

Once you’ve decided that you want to go for a manual pump,  you’re going to want to pick one that helps you express milk naturally, but without too much extra work. You’ll also want to ensure that you select a manual pump that’s made for your breast size or will fit all shapes and sizes for a comfortable fit and better pumping experience. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best manual breast pumps to make the experience a lot easier.

1. Lansinoh Breast Pump

This manual breast pump makes pumping by hand a lot more seamless. It’s ultra flexible, so you can ensure it fits you like a glove and is the most comfortable it can be. It also includes an ergonomic handle so you don’t fatigue or injure your hands in the process. With two flange sizes, you can get a more custom fit for optimal pumping. The natural nipple feels right while providing efficient suction so it stays put. With this device, you can pump directly into the pre-sterilized storage bags for convenient storage.

2. Haakaa Breast Pump

If you’re looking for a manual breast pump to bring with you on the go, whether it’s to work, while traveling, or just when you’re out and about, this lightweight pump will take the load off of you. This easy-to-use pump lets you easily pump milk naturally. That means, you can forget about complicated cords and electric versions that require an outlet. Since no two breasts are alike, this breast pump will fit any breast shape or size for effortless pumping. Made with quality food-grade silicone, you won’t have to worry about using anything made with harmful materials either.

3. Medela Pump

The plus of using a manual breast pump is that you get more control, but it can often be more time consuming and less effortless than an automatic pump. That being said, this manual breast pump is easy to control so pumping doesn’t have to be a hassle. With two-phase expression technology, once the milk starts to flow, you can switch to the longer side of the handle to create a slower sucking cycle so you can express most of your milk supply. It’s soft-to-the-touch and boasts an ergonomic design for your comfort, too.

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