Lance Bass Believes Becoming a Parent Helped Him Overcome His 'Worst Quality'

Lance Bass said “Bye Bye Bye” to a certain personality trait after he became a father of twins — and becoming a dad to two kids at the same time makes the feat all the more impressive.

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During an interview with People about all things parenthood, the *NSYNC alum revealed how much he’s learned since welcoming his 18-month-old twin daughter and son, Violet Betty and Alexander James. Bass admitted to the publication, “I am not a patient person at all, never have been.” While he said that his tendency to be impatient is “definitely my worst quality,” he added, “Having these kids has really taught me to be patient, and I think that’s just one amazing thing [parenthood] has added to my life.”

He may be improving his patience, but that doesn’t keep him from being “the more stern parent” between himself and his husband, Michael Turchin. “My husband, he’s definitely a pushover,” Bass revealed with a laugh, adding that their kids are bound “to get anything they want with him.” Taking up the role of the parent who keeps his kids’ feet on the ground, the singer said, “I’ve got to be the one that disciplines a little more so that they don’t [get] their way and get spoiled.”

All jokes aside, Bass shared, “Overall we’re pretty similar, but he’ll definitely give in a lot quicker than I will.” The good-cop-bad-cop trope lives another day through these two!

  • Pivoting His Priorities to Be More Present

    Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

    Although he got his start in music, Bass has pivoted to podcasting — which has helped him be more present with his kids. “Podcasts are great because you get to be home with your kids, especially now at these pivotal moments in the first couple of years,” he said of the career move.

    He added, “It’s so nice being able to work out of the house and spend that quality time with the kids. It’s been amazing.”

  • The Unique Way He Welcomed His Babies

    Image Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for On Our Sleeves.

    Bass and Turchin welcomed Violet and Alexander in October 2021, and the singer divulged that he had a bit of a hand in the exact day they arrived earthside. 

    “They were supposed to be born on the 12th but we purposely let them be born on the 13th so they could have Friday the 13th birthdays every once in a while,” Bass revealed with a laugh. “That’s how ridiculous I am. I’m excited because this year will be the Friday the 13th second birthday, so we’ll do some really fun things,” he gushed.

  • Living For the Memories

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    And creating those special “core memories” is really what it’s all about for this doting dad. In addition to the fact that his kids “will always be the friends that usher in the Halloween season with their birthday,” Bass is determined to make as many memorable moments as possible with his twins.

    “We’ve been getting in a lot of core memories lately, that’s for sure,” he told People of his family’s recent outdoor activities as spring gives way to summer, from pool days and playdates to playground outings.

    One thing is certain: we can’t wait to see what Bass comes up with for the twins’ second birthday this fall! We know it’s bound to be core memory material.

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