Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Spend Educational Family Time with Stormi & Make ‘Hot Lava’!

Learning never stops, even on summer break! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott like to keep things fun with their 4-year-old daughter Stormi, but they sneak in educational moments, too. In a TikTok posted Thursday, the “Escape Plan” rapper teaches his daughter how to make a volcano erupt, oozing “hot lava” everywhere — and it is so precious!

“Ooooh!” Scott says in the video. “Alright, water in there,” he then directs Stormi. She has a medicine dropper filled with water that she’s squirting into a small volcano for a science experiment. “Six, seven, eight,” she counts, as she focuses intently on the volcano.

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In the next shot, the volcano has been moved to the grass, where Scott and Stormi sit to finish.

“What’s it called when it’s inside the volcano?” Scott asks his daughter. “Magma,” she answers.

“OK, then when it comes out, what’s it called?” he asks. Stormi responds, “Hot lava!”

“Alright, lemme see it,” he says. Stormi pours in the baking soda, and Scott and Jenner cheers as the red “lava” erupts!

“Whoa!” Scott says.

“It’s coming out!” Stormi giggles. “The hot lava!”

This educational family time needs to be a new series — “Science with Stormi” has a nice ring to it — because it’s so cute. Fans were loving it, too. “Yay omg we’re in class with Stormi Baby, 🌋” one person wrote.

“I literally didn’t even realize this was kylie and Travis I was just genuinely down to learn LOL,” another commented. “Not Travis Scott teaching me the diff between lava and magma, 😂” someone else wrote. “This was so cute.”

Props to Jenner and Scott for making science fun!

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