Kristen Bell’s Daughters Go On a Cute Swimming Pool ‘Mission’ With Dad Dax Shepard

Goggles on, bodies in position, and mission detailed. All that’s left to do is pick a code name and go! In Kristen Bell’s new video, her husband Dax Shepard is leading a special “mission” with daughters Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7 — one that takes place in the swimming pool!

“You just gotta drop your bomb on the hole, and then, you also gotta stay low for the missiles,” the Armchair Expert host tells his daughters in the video posted to Instagram yesterday. As he details the challenge they are about to complete, he’s illustrating each point with hand motions, dead serious.

“And then you have to go up really steep,” he continues.

“Everyone clear for their mission?” he asks, to a chorus of “Yes!”

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“Remember, Maverick goes first,” Shepard says, pointing at one daughter. “Then Goose,” he says, pointing at the other, referencing the Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards’ characters in Top Gun. “Then Turkey Leg,” he adds, pointing at himself.

Everyone’s set — except, wait, not yet. “Maverick” says, “No, I want to be Rooster!”

So then Shepard pivots, “OK, Rooster, and…?” he looks at “Goose,” who responds, “Turkey Leg!” So that makes Shepard now “Possum Man.”

The video cuts ahead — and all three have new code names. “Rooster” is now “Ferret,” “Turkey Leg” is now “Brown Bear,” and “Possum Man” is now “Goose Lips.” It’s a study in patience how calm and collected Shepard stays throughout this whole thing!

Bell captioned the video, “The hardest part of this mission was picking code names. #topgun #ferret #brownbear #gooselips #turkeylegs #rooster #possomman.”

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Trying to do anything with kids somehow ends up being a much longer process than every anticipated. But no mission is successful if the main players aren’t happy, as every parent knows!

“Ultimate dad mode activated,” one person commented on the video. Another wrote, “This is my husband with our daughters. LMAO! I’m like “who are you playing with?!!” 😂😂😂😂”

“Top Gun takeover! ❤️ how fun!” someone else said. “That movie really got us, too.”

What’s the point of having kids if you can’t let loose every now and then, and live out your action hero fantasies?

These celebrity fathers are all proud to be “girl dads.”

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