Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Answer Parenting Questions & We Can't Stop Laughing

The secret to happy parenting with your partner is simple: make each other laugh. Nobody does this better than Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, parents of Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 7. And is anyone really surprised? The duo has been bringing hilarious, relatable content to audiences for years! In a new video posted to Instagram, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window star and the Armchair Expert podcast host answered several parenting and relationship questions and we can’t stop laughing.

The quick video shows the Hello Bello co-founders in the kitchen, with Shepard leaning against the counter and Bell sitting next to him in a purple butterfly dress. They look relaxed and happy and ready for summer. First question? “One tip for a happy marriage?” Shepard answers “Ask your partner what their tip would be.” After getting that out of his system, Shepard moves on to funny quips.

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The off-screen interviewer asks, “What’s your one parenting rule that neither of you like to compromise on?” Shepard answers, “No corporal punishment,” making Bell burst out laughing.

For “top tip for keeping the romance alive,” Shepard cheekily answers, “pornography.” This prompts another hilarious reaction from Bell, who can’t stop laughing. Shepard clarifies, “That’s not true, but these are one-word answers.”

Next, they are asked what their favorite thing about each other is. Bell answers, “That he makes me laugh,” and Shepard agrees with, “Yeah.” These two are so cute!

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When asked what’s “one thing about marriage that surprised you” Shepard answers, “It’s long.” Bell looks like she is thinking about something more insightful to say, but Shepard keeps beating her to the punch with these funny one-liners, each one making her laugh harder than the rest.

“One thing about parenting that surprised you” is next, and Shepard answers, “It’s fun,” and Bell agrees. This is so true! People always talk about how hard and challenging parenting is, so we love seeing celebrities admit it’s actually fun, too.

For “favorite activity you do with your kids”, Shepard jokingly answers, “Ride motorcycles,” and Bell jumps in with, “Drawing.”

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People were loving this video, with one fan commenting, “WHY ARE YALL JUST THE CUTEST GAH 😍.” Relationship expert Dr. Tracy Dalgleish commented as well, writing, “‘Ask your partner…’ I love this. Thank you for sharing the laughter you have in your marriage. Once we learned to PLAY together and laugh more after becoming parents, we started to feel more joy. And normalizing that relationships are HARD! ❤️❤️”

Actress Christy Carlson Romano added, “Mom + Dad. ❤️” These two are parenting and relationship goals!

The couple recently announced they are hosting a new podcast together called The Honey and The Hammer, which is about “our favorite topic: relationships!!!” Shepard explained its subject matter: “Mother daughter, brother sister, sister sister, brother brother, father daughter, father son, human and orangutan, egomaniac and a dolphin, LOVERS!!! You name it, we want to talk to You about any relationship dilemma you’re embroiled in. LETS GET INTO IT!!!” They encourage fans to submit their funny stories to [email protected].

After how fun their quick Q&A was to watch, we know this podcast is going to be amazing!

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