Krazy Coupon Lady Uses Build-A-Bear's Pay Your Age Sale to Gift Plushes to 100 Refugee Children

As hundreds of people across the country lined up for Build-A-Bear’s one-time-only Pay Your Age Day, The Krazy Coupon Lady made a heartwarming contribution on the special day.

Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, founders of the nation’s largest couponing site, planned to shuttle over 100 refugee children from four apartment complexes in Boise, Idaho, to the local mall where the children will each get to select and stuff their very own bear, cat, dog or pony.

“It’s more than a bear and a deal. It’s a welcome wagon, a love bus. And in light of the last two weeks especially, we need a little warmth and comfort in this community,” Demer told Markets Insider on Thursday.

“We think we can deliver a small dose of smiles to accomplish that mission. And getting a good deal never hurt anybody,” she said.

A rep for The Krazy Coupon Lady did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

On Monday, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc., announced it will be holding a very special money-saving event in U.S., Canadian and U.K. stores called Pay Your Age Day.

The one-day sale is exactly what it sounds like: Customers who come into the store in person have the ability to pay, at most, the dollar amount of their age for any Make-Your-Own plush pal (excluding outfits and accessories).

The event was more popular than originally anticipated though, forcing the company to change their plans.

“Per local authorities, we cannot accept additional guests at our locations due to crowd safety concerns. We have closed lines in our stores,” the company tweeted Thursday afternoon. “Our Pay Your Age Day generated an overwhelming response. Please refer to our website for info about a voucher for our Bonus Club members. Thank you for your patience and support.”

In addition to the visit to their local Build-A-Bear store, The Krazy Coupon Lady are aiding refugee families by providing resources — all while saving 50 percent or more on purchased items including toys, coats, kitchen items, toiletries, shoes and bedding.

“It’s our privilege to get to know these incredibly resilient families and individuals who are making Boise a better place to live, just by being here,” Wheeler said of the Krazy Coupon Lady Foundation, a non-profit benefiting Boise’s refugee community.

“We want families to feel welcome, and our mission is to equip them so that they can thrive in Boise,” she said.

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