Kim Kardashian's Kids Have the Most Astonishing Backyard Play Setup & We're a Little Jealous

It’s official! Kim Kardashian’s kids have by far the coolest “playground” around and we are not-so-patiently awaiting our invite.

North West posted a TikTok this week that has nearly 170 thousand likes and takes followers inside the mini-mall in her family’s backyard. In the video, she and her BFF Ryan Romulus wear wigs and lip-sync to a “mall haul” TikTok sound while giving a tour of the stores and eateries.

Shoppers at West’s mall can start at Starbucks to get a pretend caffeine boost before starting their retail therapy. Next up is KKW Beauty, which is furnished with trendy chairs and sells Kardashian West’s makeup line. For lunch, the mall has a retro “West Diner,” which features red leather booths and checkered floors and “serves” burgers, sandwiches, and chicken fingers. Before heading home, shoppers can then stop by the air-conditioned grocery store (yup, the structures have electricity and HVAC!) to grab any essentials.

Eat your heart out, Mall of America!

And that’s just the start. The epic storefronts are all part of the “Lil Hidden Hills” in the family’s backyard. There is also a fire station that has a truck, roof, and balcony (and hopefully a pole!), and a LEGO castle with towers and slides.

Fingers crossed we get up-close looks at those in North’s next TikTok!

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The young influencer frequently posts on the social media platform using the account she shares with her mom, @kimandnorth. The SKIMS founder screens every video before getting posted, and comments are turned off. In videos, we see how North takes after her mama with her impressive makeup skills, and how much she looks like her dad, Kanye “Ye” West. (Seriously, followers were doing double takes after seeing this TikTok).

In an interview on the Goop podcast, Kardashian told host Gwyneth Paltrow about how she wants to let North have an outlet to showcase her makeup and directing talents while also making sure boundaries are in place.

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These celebrities’ gorgeous multiracial families remind us love knows no bounds.

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