Kim Kardashian's Daughter North Dresses Her Sister Chicago Just Like Her

Older sisters are the ultimate style influencers, especially when you have a look as distinct as North West. Kim Kardashian’s 9-year-old daughter recently gave her younger sister Chicago, 4, a whole new look for TikTok, and the end result is so cute!

“Turning my sister to me,” North wrote on her and Kardashian’s joint TikTok account yesterday.

In the video, Chicago waves to the camera decked out in a sparkling Batman outfit, complete with a black-and-yellow tutu, a cape, wrist bands, and a mask that goes over her eyes. She’s adorable as she tries out this viral dressing-up-like-someone-else trend.

Turning my sister to me

The music changes and bam! Suddenly, Chicago walks out looking like North’s mini-me. She comes out dancing in all black, complete with sunglasses, a black skull tee, a crossbody black purse, slides, and a long silver cross necklace. This is a spot-on impression of North, who often wears all black.

Apparently, North likes making her fashion opinions known — and dare we say she doesn’t want anyone else copying her all-black style. “North is very opinionated when it comes to what I’m wearing,” mom Kim Kardashian said in a March 2022 interview with Vogue. “She’ll always complain when I’m wearing too much black. I showed up at her school on Valentine’s Day wearing head-to-toe pink, and she got so excited she ran over and hugged me. [Of course] she opened my coat, saw the black lining, and says ‘Mom, you’re still wearing black.’”

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North has good taste, so we don’t blame her for imparting her fashionista wisdom on her family. In a recent family photo, North looked glamorous in a black sequined blazer and wide-leg pants with heels. Her little sister copied her look with a black sequined dress, and her siblings Saint, 6, and Psalm, 3, also wore all black. Kardashian complemented them in a skin-tight, shimmery white gown. But everybody was focused on North.

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“North eats y’all up every time 😂” one person wrote.

Another said, “Omg North and the heels 😍😍😢 she is growing up!!!”

North seems to be having a blast exploring her fashion and dressing up her little sis. Maybe she’ll have a future in design like her mom and her dad, Kanye West! Either way, she’s already a fashion icon in our book.

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