Kim Kardashian Credits Kanye West for Teaching Her Confidence

Amid the most semi-recent news about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorcing, tabloids have had a field day with making assumptions as to why the two split up. Yet, we all know that the truth always lies between the individuals who are in the thick of it, so why not get insight straight from the source? That’s exactly what the podcast “We Are Supported by..” did in their exclusive interview with Kardashian, where probably to many people’s surprise, she revealed she learned the importance of “just being myself first” during their 10-year relationship.

Kardashian admires West’s confidence

That said, Kardashian, the 40-year-old mother of four, recently took time out of her busy schedule to share with the world that with all she has conquered personally with West help and vice versa, she has nothing but love, kind words, and well wishes for him.

“Being in a relationship with Kanye for a decade, someone that absolutely didn’t care about likeability factor or what any of perception of him was as long as he was true to himself … that taught me so much in the best way of just being me and living in the moment,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian gave West props. She admired his own confidence in the past. In a 2018 interview, Kardashian said: “He is so confident. He would always build up my confidence to be who I want to be, and so I’ll voice my opinion when I think there’s something that is maybe done wrong — or even if the messaging is right [and] the communication isn’t quite there to figure that out.”

What West has taught Kardashian about life

Now in a new era of her life, she sees no decision she’s made previously as a mistake but a necessary puzzle piece within her personal journey.

Not only having a public marriage but also an entire show (KUWTK) that tends to wear and tear on your mental health she is deciding to live for herself no matter what that may look like or be perceived in the public eye. She now understands the value of sacred spaces and living by the rule that “you don’t have to please everyone.”

“As long as I’m myself and as long as I’m doing it the way that I want to, like, you have one life and you’re living it for you,” she added. “That taught me to just be more confident in myself and truly not care as much of what other people thought.”

Mastering these affirmations is often the determining factor between a person who succumbs to everyone’s idea of them and staying true to the reality of who they are.

Kardashian has spoken about post-baby confidence

In the past, Kardashian has opened up about instilling values of confidence while raising her children. She particularly showcases body positivity in front of her daughters  North, 8, and Chicago, 3, as they both grow as young women in this critical world.

“I think my kids are a little too young to really understand what cellulite is and have those conversations,” she revealed to Elle. “But they also see that we’re in front of the camera, and I like to feel good about myself, and there’s a time and a place. It’s not like I sit home with body makeup all over me, but I do feel really confident. I mean, everyone pretty much wears a bra, so I’m always wearing the bra and the brief just around the house. And when I’m changing she’ll be in my closet with me, one of my daughters. I mean, she’s [North] the most confident person on the planet. So I don’t think I’ll really have a problem there, but I always teach body confidence and always wanting to feel your best.”

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