Khloé Kardashian Sends Daughter True to Kindergarten in the Most Kardashian Way Possible

If there’s one thing the Kardashians can’t get enough of, it’s balloons. Bible — they have the most over-the-top, out-of-this-world number of balloons for every birthday party they throw. When Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True turned 5 in April 2023, she had a giant pink octopus made out of balloons, a colorful balloon coral reef, and balloons with jellyfish tails. So when it was time for True to start Kindergarten yesterday, you better believe balloons were a big part of her send-off!

The Good American founder shared several adorable photos of True’s first day of kindergarten on Instagram. True is wearing her school uniform — a white polo shirt with a blue-and-black plaid skirt and white shoes — with her hair in two braids. She has one hand on her hip in a sassy pose as she smiles for the camera in front of a giant, taller-than-her piece of notebook paper that reads “First Day of Kindergarten.” Surrounding the paper is a gigantic balloon arch made up of yellow, orange, blue, purple, and pink pastel balloons, complete with balloon pencils. It’s adorable and so extra, which is pretty much the Kardashian way.

“🤍🩵💜🩷Kindergarten 🤍🩵💜🩷,” The Kardashians star captioned the post, which also include a photo of her and True and a video of the balloon arch. “For anyone wondering, no I’m not ok! 🥹 Next it will be prom 😫😩.”

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“The Kardashians carrying the balloon arch industry on their backs,” one person joked.

Another said, “Say what you want about Khloe but she sure does shower her kids with love💖.”

Some people criticized Kardashian for doing too much. “Always so over the top extra with this stuff,” they wrote. “The thing is it’s cute and all but they will always have to keep it this level and above for these kids. Always. They’ll never know normal regular life. It’s sad actually.”

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“These kids are never going to grow up with a single hint of normalcy. Everything will always be over the top,” someone else said. They have a fair point. Most kids just get a picture in front of the front door on their first day of school, but Kardashian will have to provide a custom balloon arch every single year for True and her son Tatum, 1, who she shares with ex Tristan Thompson. (Something tells me Kardashian won’t mind doing that, though.)

One person had a great suggestion for Kardashian on what to do with the balloons now. “So cute! Now take it down to a local public school kindergarten class and let them feel as special on their first days of kinder! ❤️” they wrote. This is a brilliant idea!

On True’s birthday, Kardashian wrote her daughter a heartfelt note. “True, you must have heard me from heaven because I prayed for you for years,” she said. “I must’ve done something right, because I have been blessed with one of the most gentle, empathetic, loving, happy, grateful and silly little girls.”

She went on, “I’ve dreamt of my daughter for as long as I can remember but my dreams were not even close to the reality that God blessed me with.”

“Now my sweet baby is 5 🥹,” Kardashian added. “I get so emotional when I think about how quickly time is passing us by. At the same time I am so honored and thankful for every minute. I cherish every single moment and memory I have with you.”

And if she wants to cherish those moments with balloons and fun photoshoots, that’s fine!

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