Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Are On Again—Will Their Relationship Be Different This Time?

“He promises to do better,” ‘KUWTK’ star, Khloé Kardashian says as she confirms that she and Tristan Thompson are getting back together after they briefly split last year. According to sources at InTouch, Kardashian is aware of her trust issues but also believes in third chances and is “desperate to make it work” despite Thompson’s infidelities in the past. While fans may be looking at her in disbelief, she continues to follow her gut and what she feels is best for her family going forward.

Why was Khloé Kardashian so hurt by their break-up?

As fans recall, this time last year wasn’t a good space for Kardashian and Thompson as they were fresh out of a breakup due to Thompson’s multiple cheating scandals. A close source to E! News reported:

“Khloe is extremely disappointed in how things have played out with Tristan, she has spent so much time and energy on their relationship and was hopeful for the future. To see that Tristan hasn’t changed at all after all of this is truly heartbreaking.” 

Nevertheless, they had to co-exist as their mutual priority from then on, was raising their beautiful 3-year old daughter, True. Though the pain and humiliation were both severe at that time, she still carried hope for their family to one day rekindle but planned to surround True with love and happiness regardless.

A second E! News source confirmed: “She always had trust issues and wasn’t sure, but she wanted to be positive and see the good in him. She wanted nothing more than for True to have a happy family unit and she plans on still having that regardless of what Tristan does.”

What makes this time different between the two?

True has been the ultimate reason for her parents’ frequent communication thus far but now they have another reason to enjoy each other’s company. Despite doubts about how this go-round will differ from previous instances, it appears they are both looking to genuinely give their family another chance.

The two caught the Internet’s attention with their synchronized Instagram posts that alluded to the simultaneous public embrace of change from various avenues.

While Thompson made headlines placing hearts emojis under Kardashian’s “natural hair” post he then made a solo post 2 days after, which seemingly correlated with his new contract with the Sacramento Kings saying: “Some people will judge you for changing. Some people will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle wisely 🙏🏾💪🏾🙏🏾.”

Is Khloé Kardashian looking to grow her family with Tristan Thompson?

Though the majority of her fans are not in support of them hitting it off, that doesn’t seem to matter. In fact, sources told Intouch that to date the two are giving their relationship another go and Kardashian wants more kids.

“It may not be the most ideal situation because of her trust issues, but she’s desperate to make it work and he’s once again promised to do better,” one insider reveals. “Khloé wants Tristan in True’s life and she’s still holding out hope for that second child. They are far from over.”

A second source adds, “He also promised Khloé that things will be different this time around and that he signed with the Sacramento Kings to be closer to her and True, and be a proper family and she believes him.”

At this time, neither Kardashian nor Tristan Thompson has confirmed or denied their reconciliation.

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