Keke Palmer's Fans Are Enraged After Her Boyfriend Publicly Shamed Her for Being a Sexy Mom

If there’s one thing women are absolutely not tolerating anymore, it’s blatant misogyny, but Keke Palmer’s boyfriend seems to have missed the memo — as if it’s something you even need a memo to understand.

On Wednesday, the 29-year-old mom of one enjoyed a night out at Usher’s Las Vegas residency show, and she looked phenomenal in a sheer mesh dress with a black bodysuit underneath. Her hair was styled in glamorous waves, and she wore a bright shade of pink lipstick with blush to match — Palmer was a vision of confidence and beauty, truly.

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A video of the Nope actress joining Usher on stage as he serenaded her with “There Goes My Baby” went viral on Twitter, and instead of hyping up his girlfriend, Darius Jackson decided to mom shame and sl*t shame Palmer for her outfit choice. Jackson, the father of their son Leodis, quote-tweeted the video and wrote, “It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom.”

Fans were quick to call him out on his gross comment, with one Twitter user responding, “Don’t date a baddie if you’re gonna be this insecure.” Another echoed the sentiment with, “Tell us you’re insecure without telling us you’re insecure.”

One person validly pointed out how unnecessary it was for Jackson to bring his (stale, garbage, misogynistic) opinion to Twitter rather than addressing his (ignorant, chauvinistic, ultimate ick) thoughts in private with Palmer: “Why would you bring this public though? This should be a Conversation between the two of you.”

Others were confused about why Jackson was having such a conniption at all: “She is completely covered? Even if she wasn’t…. Your point is exactly?”

Expanding on that thought, another supporter wrote, “So- she’s a new mom?? And? She looks SO great and is having a great time and not even doing too much.” They added, “Instead of being dope & gassing new mama having fun, you chose to try & check her with a gossip blog quote, in front of the world? Why did you feel compelled to do such a thing?”

And another user called out his idiocy for thinking he would get any kind of support on the matter by tweeting, “baby.. that’s keke palmer…”

  • Jackson Doubles Down on His Comments

    Image Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy.

    Amazingly enough, Jackson had the audacity to double down on his comments in the face of resounding backlash. Although perhaps we shouldn’t be so shocked that a misogynistic man would feel self-assured enough to defend his disgusting opinions about the way women, especially mothers, should conduct themselves. After all, he is a misogynist.

    Jackson issued a second tweet that was full of arrogance: “We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is. This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my case.”

  • Fans Get Even More Fired Up (Rightly So)

    Image Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images.

    Well honey, if you thought the responses were merciless the first go-around, Palmer’s fans lost any lingering patience for Jackson after his holier-than-thou tweet. One supporter of the new mom wrote, “Sir. Imagine pouting about being the man of a family- but trying to embarrass and check your Queen on her outfit while out with the girls at the Usher show. Whew. Yeah, big man energy right there 😂😅. Real good family leadership you’ve got going on here.”

    They continued, “Imagine having this conversation with HER & not running to the internet like a hater. And this- not 5 min after she publicly gave it up about how SHE does not give people space to talk about YOU. Who here is surprised a man enjoys the same peace he refuses to provide…Whew.”

    Others pointed out that Palmer is not his wife, though even if she were, it wouldn’t validate his mom-shaming comments. People also mocked Jackson for his “man of the family” remarks, with one person tweeting, “‘The man of the family’ but she’s the one putting food on the table?” The tea is serving third degree burns today!

    Dr. Oyinkansola Alabi, known as The Emotions Doctor for her work as an emotional, cultural, and people operations consultant for organizations and celebrities across the globe, summed up the situation perfectly. She responded to Jackson’s final tweet, writing, “Love doesn’t embarrass, love preserves. If Keke Palmer’s man had an issue with whatever she wore to an event, he should have handled that privately but he chose to embarrass her publicly.”

    She continued, “He chose to embarrass a lady who has been experiencing the most beautiful moments of her life this year. This is how envy and jealousy taste. A partner who shames you does not deserve to be with you.”

  • Palmer’s Subtle Shade

    Image Credit: John Shearer/WireImage.

    While Palmer hasn’t explicitly commented on the situation, she did share a carousel of photos on Instagram showing off her stunning look for the concert after Jackson sent his dumpster fire tweets into the ether. In addition to praising Usher for his talent and Vegas production, she wrote, “I wish I had taken more pictures but we were running late!”

    Fans met her with impassioned support in the comments, with one writing, “YES MAAM!!!! You don’t criticize the mother of your children publicly. End of discussion.” Another fan commented, “Don’t let baby daddy dictate what you wear! Put that sh*t on!!!”

    Voice actor Joy Ofodu expressed what every well-wisher of Palmer’s is thinking with, “You ate the look up and down. It’s giving mother, icon, free woman and we love you, AND support you!❤️”

    Others were a bit more shady with their remarks, and we’re living for it. “If ‘Chile anyways’ was a person,” one user wrote, while another quipped, “Tell your nanny stop hating.” Another funnily commented, “If he can’t accept the bad a** mommy you are he can eat baby food!”

    And, coming in hot with a culturally relevant comparison, one IG user pointed out, “I NEVER HEAR JAY Z SAY ONE THING ABOUT BEYONCE FITS!! And thats his WIFE!!” We see nothing but facts here!

  • Coming to a Swift & Fiery End

    Image Credit: Derek White/WireImage.

    Palmer and Jackson met in 2021 at a Memorial Day party, and in February 2023, they welcomed their son. Thanks to Jackson’s garbage take on mothers and his public dressing down of Palmer, their relationship may be coming to a swift end — or it may already be over, if the two unfollowing each other on Instagram is any indication.

    A strong, empowered, resilient woman like Palmer doesn’t need an insecure, malicious, petty man bringing her down anyway — and baby Leodis does not need to be raised under this type of misogynistic influence — so we can’t say we’re sad to see this celebrity romance fizzle out.

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