Keke Palmer Reveals Her Cat Knows She's Pregnant — & Research Actually Backs Her!

Cats are more than just beloved pets, they’re also incredibly smart and (dare we say) curious. Also, intuitive — especially when it comes to pregnancy. Keke Palmer recently revealed that her feline friend knows she’s pregnant, and she actually might be right!

“My cat Jackie can tell there is a baby coming,” the Nope star wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Idk how, but she has never ever been so clingy. Like EVER. Now she is climbing on top of me to cuddle.”

Palmer, who is pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Darius Jackson, added, “She’s going to be devastated. Any tips?”

To be fair, this does sound a little unbelievable. But many people shared similar stories of their own cats’ pregnancy-detecting superpowers.

“Cats have an acute sense of hearing & can hear a baby’s heartbeat in the womb. She does know you’re pregnant ,” one person wrote. Palmer nervously responded, “What!!!! Is she happy?? Is that why she wanna be close? Or is it giving smother and murder??”

Someone else responded, “She’s happy. My cat went into nurture mode when I was pregnant with my twins. And the day we came home from the hospital, she did not leave my side. Until the twins started crying. She always exited the room when that happened.”

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“She won’t be devastated. She’ll love that baby,” another wrote. “My cat was the same way and my baby is now her baby.”

Another agreed that Palmer is going to have to share her baby. “She’s not being clingy she’s being protective !” one person wrote. “She knows there’s a baby and to her that’s her little kitten too… it’s like both y’all baby now sis .”

“My cat had never once kneaded anything until I was about 3 months pregnant, then he started kneading my belly,” one person wrote. “The 2 of them are absolute best friends. I think your kitty is already in love .”

It turns out, this phenomenon has been researched, and experts kind of agree with Palmer’s assessment.

According to Healthline, the extra fold in your cat’s ears may help amplify high-frequency sounds, allowing them to hear your baby’s heartbeat in your womb. How cool is that?

Additionally, cats may be able to detect a change in your personal scent caused by hormone changes and they may notice the change in your body temperature caused by increased blood flow, according to Flo Health.

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Or they could just pick up on your excitement around the new baby gear filling up your home. I wouldn’t be surprised if cats actually were psychic, too — they have been known to do some pretty amazing things!

Earlier this month, Palmer shared an update about her pregnancy journey. “Every season we are meant to embrace something new,” she wrote on Instagram. “This season i am going to learn how to really take it easy. how to go slow(or slower than i have which is speedy for the average ♍️💁🏾‍♀️- 🤣) because it definitely doesn’t mean my drive and passion will end, just transform and evolve through a different tool.”

Maybe Jackie is just taking advantage of all the extra opportunities to cuddle with her human, who doesn’t usually rest this much. Either way, it’s super adorable.

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