Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals The Most Surprising Aspect of Motherhood & It Shows The Resilience of Mamas

We’ve always loved how honest Katherine Schwarzenegger is about being a mom and everything that comes with that. This time around, she talked about the surprising parts of motherhood so far with her daughter Lyla.

On March 8, for International Women’s Day, Schwarzenegger hosted her first Amazon Live Livestream, where she talked about everything from motherhood tips to parenting styles. While the entire live stream was incredibly interesting, we’re really loving what Schwarzenegger said was the most surprising part of motherhood so far. You can watch the whole stream HERE.

She said, “How much you can function and do in a day on very little sleep. Before having my daughter, I was always someone who needed to get at least eight hours of sleep and I always went to bed early, got up early. You don’t really get the solid eight hours after you have a baby, so I am always surprised at how much you can get done in a day and also feel relatively normal and functional as a woman on such little amount of sleep.”

Along with that, she said what her mama Maria Shriver taught her about motherhood. She said, “I always talk so much about all the lessons that my mom has taught me and continues to teach me. I feel like lately everything she is teaching me is mom-focused and all about being present with my 18-month-old daughter and not just getting lost in all the craziness of life.”

Katherine has talked a lot about motherhood advice her superstar mama has taught her, including telling us about the importance of staying present.

Schwarzenegger is the eldest child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shriver. Katherine shares one daughter with her husband Chris Pratt named Lyla Maria, 1. Pratt also has a son named Jack, 9, with ex-wife Anna Faris. On Dec. 2021,  Katherine and Pratt announced they were expecting their second child together.

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