Kate Middleton Only Has One Condition When It Comes Prince George Having 'More Roles' in the Royal Family

With King Charles III being on the throne, the whole line of succession just moved up a notch — making Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son Prince George second in line for the throne. Because of this shift, it seems Charles wants George to get a plethora of more responsibility thrown his way. While he may be second-in-line, he’s still only nine years old, and Kate allegedly has some conditions for these new roles.

An insider told OK! Magazine that Kate is reportedly open to her eldest George taking on more royal responsibilities. “Kate thinks it’s important for their family dynamic that George isn’t given special treatment,” the source said. “Charles has made his feelings known about George. And while Kate is open to giving George more roles.”

However, the insider added that Kate allegedly has one condition: she needs to sign off on the roles beforehand. “Her stance is only if she signs off on it. To her, the king’s word is not final when it comes to her children. She’s been very clear about that. And if that starts a rift or even a full-out war, then so be it.”

While Kate and Charles share a lot of similarities, including their feeling of a “deep duty to Britain and the Commonwealth,” Kate is very different when it comes to parenting her and William’s children.

Along with being a hands-on mother, Kate has broken quite a few royal rules when it comes to being a mother of three. For instance, she only hired one nanny, and they only use her services when they can’t bring the children alone, and openly shows affection towards her children in public.

But the biggest transgression from royal protocol is the fact that Kate opted for her kids to stay close at a co-ed day school, rather than a boarding school. The source added Charles remains more traditional, saying, “he thinks George should go to boarding school like he, his siblings, and his sons did.” But it seems Kate won’t budge on that, either!

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