Kate Hudson's Mini-Me Daughter Rani Is a Huge Fan of This Pop Singer in an Adorable New Video

Kate Hudson’s daughter Rani  — who she shares with fiancé Danny Fujikawa — proved she is a little star-in-the-making in a recent video Hudson posted on Instagram. The 4-year-old sang her little heart out to Harry Styles’ “Falling,” closing her eyes to get in the zone and later bringing her hands to her glitter-covered face for a dramatic ending. With a performance like that, it’s clear she takes after her mom and grandma Goldie Hawn.

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“The Harry Effect,” the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star captioned the post.

After Rani concluded her Grammy-worthy performance, Hudson clapped, saying “Very good, Rani, very good!” The proud little girl had a huge smile on her face and then asked Alexa to shuffle Harry Styles songs. And now we have to do the same. Alexa! You heard the girl!

“He’s got us all under his spell!❤️,” one follower wrote.

Fans were so impressed with Rani’s pipes. “Oh she’s definitely your daughter babe 🎤,” fashion designer Rachel Zoe said. “An artist and musician in the making, beautiful and soulful, just like you and your Mama! XOXO,” another follower wrote.

And, of course, no Rani post would be complete without a commenter mentioning how much she and her mother look alike because. Because ICYMI: they’re total twins. “Mini Kate! ❤️” one person said, and we have to agree

  • Learning From The Best

    Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Variety

    Rani has some industry legends in her family who she can turn to for tips, guidance, and inspiration. Just last month, her grandparents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell performed an impromptu puppet show to keep her entertained at a restaurant.

    “Yep …They taught us everything we know,” Hudson commented on the video.

  • Not The Only Stan

    Image Credit: Alberto Rodriguez for Variety

    Rani’s older brother is a big Harry Styles fan too. Or he at least pretends to be for his little sister. Ryder, 19 — who Hudson shares with ex Chris Robinson — has a spot-on Harry Styles impression.

    In a video that Hudson shared for her oldest’s birthday, he wears a jacket over a bare chest (a signature look for Styles) and pretends to spot a fan in the crowd who is holding a sign that asks if he will have their baby.

    “Of course I will because I’m f*ckin’ Harry Styles … innit,” Ryder said.

    Now we’re patiently waiting to see if Hudson’s son Bing, 11 — who she shares with Matt Bellamy — is a Styles Stan too.

  • She Does It All

    Image Credit: Gilbert Flores for WWD

    Rani is as talented on the stage as she is on the soccer field. It’s all very Troy Bolton of her (in the best way). In March, Hudson shared that soccer season had started, and we are so jealous of Rani’s stylish pink cleats.

    “She’s got great taste, that little cutie pie 🥰,” a fan commented on the Instagram photos.

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