Kate Hudson Shares a Funny Resurfaced Photo of Daughter Rani: ‘Perfect Monday Mood’

Kate Hudson found the cutest old photo of her daughter Rani today, and it perfectly encapsulates how we all feel on Mondays. The Almost Famous star shared the photo of her daughter, who turns 5 next month, and we can’t stop laughing.  

“Woke up to this popping up on my phone,” Hudson captioned the photo on Instagram. “Perfect Monday mood compliments of little Rani Rose ☺️.”

The resurfaced photo shows a toddler Rani with massive bedhead. She’s sitting on a blue chair near a window, with her blonde hair sticking up in all angles around her head. Her brown eyes look tiredly into the camera, and her cute little mouth is slightly turned down in a pout. She’s looks like a hot mess — like someone totally dreading going back to the daily grind — and for someone with no bills or responsibilities, she totally nailed it!


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“This reflects my Monday experience entirely,” one person wrote. Another agreed, “Looks like my usual wake up hair do! 😂”

“Hahaha! AMAZING hair! Definitely a mood for Monday! 😂” another wrote.

The Glass Onion star shares Rani with fiancée Danny Fujikawa. Last week, she shared a video taken by Fujikawa that showed off Rani’s future as an actress.

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“Back to school pressure is on! 📚” she captioned the video, which showed Rani in her mom’s bed, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper. “How much work do I have to do? So much!” she says in the video. When her dad zooms in to reveal she isn’t actually working, she looks at him with a warning.

“Don’t ever do that!” Rani says. “Because I have to focus working and I don’t want you to… Can you please not take pictures of my work, Daddy? It’s very important.” 

She is — and always has been! — so adorable.

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