Kaley Cuoco Says Boyfriend Tom Pelphrey Would Get Pregnant if He Could & Please, Science, Catch Up!

Women have been wishing men could get pregnant since the dawn of time. I mean, I wasn’t there personally, but I have no doubt. If we could share the discomfort, pain, and pressure of pregnancy with the other have of the population, that would be amazing. And if the science would just catch up, Kaley Cuoco’s boyfriend Tom Pelphrey would totally be on board.

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The Based on a True Story star, who shares 2-month-old daughter Matilda “Tildy,” with Pelphrey, opened up about how he would get pregnant if he could.

  • Pelphrey Would ‘Carry’ Their Next Baby

    Image Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

    Cuoco appeared on the SmartLess podcast and dropped an amazing revelation about her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, per PEOPLE.

    They were talking about kids and Cuoco revealed that her and Pelphrey “do” want more kids. She added that if it were possible, “Tom would carry the baby.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa — what?! On the one hand, it’s easy for a man who has never given birth to say that they would carry the baby, but on the other hand, you don’t see a lot of men volunteering to go through labor and delivery. That is an amazing husband!

    I wish the science would catch up so that men could share the pregnancy pains with women — like, c’mon! It would be so nice to get a freakin’ break and let a man pull the family planning weight for once.

  • Tom Pelphrey Says Kaley Cuoco Is ‘So Good’ at Being a Mom

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    Pelphrey isn’t shy about how much he loves his wife. Last month, the Ozark actor sang Cuoco’s praises. 

    “Oh God, it’s so cool. She is so good at it,” he told Access Hollywood about Cuoco being a mom. “You know, it’s like all the qualities that I love Kaley about times 100. She’s so funny and she’s so nurturing and easy and playful and loving…I mean, so loving. You know, it’s beautiful.”

    He also opened up about how “natural” it felt to be a dad. “I was surprised how natural it felt,” Pelphrey told the outlet. “Like being around my nieces and other babies in my family was always a little bit, like, scared to hold them, scared to touch them, didn’t want to break them…As soon as they handed me Matilda, I felt comfortable holding her, I felt comfortable moving her around and changing her and that was surprise.”

  • Tildy Loves the Jonas Brothers

    Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

    While Pelphrey and Cuoco are obsessed with their daughter, Baby Tildy has her eyes set on three special men: the Jonas Brothers.

    “She loves the Jonas Brothers. I’m really serious. Loves it,” Cuoco told Access. “‘Sucker.’ We play it for her when she cries, and she’s like [widens eyes].” 

    At first, Cuoco thought it was just a coincidence, but, alas, her daughter is a diehard JoBros fan. “I thought it was a fluke, but I’ve done it a few times, and she [widens eyes] looks around. So she’s going to have to meet them one day. Her idols,” she added. (Nick, Joe, Kevin, make this happen!)

    This little family seems like they’re doing just fine. 

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