Kaley Cuoco Introduces Baby Tildy to Her Horses & It’s Like a Real-Life Fairy Tale

Kaley Cuoco isn’t just a successful actress — she’s also a talented equestrian! And she shared her love of horses with her newborn daughter Matilda yesterday, and it is giving major fairy tale vibes.

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“Finally Tildy met her barn friends today!” the Meet Cute actress wrote on her Instagram Story last night. (Since these adorable Instagram Story pictures may disappear, you can also see screenshots from PEOPLE here.)

First of all, can we talk about how cute that nickname is? Baby Tildy — we love it! Also, getting to grow up around horses? Dream come true! Tildy is such a lucky little baby… even if she doesn’t know it yet.


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In the first picture Cuoco shared, mother and daughter are at the stables. Kaley is looking at her dark brown horse named Escarlata as her 3-week-old baby snuggles in her mama’s shoulder. Cuoco is giving Escarlata a big, wide-mouth smile and the horse is just looking back with a stoic expression, examining the tiny little human sleeping in Cuoco’s arms. So cute!

Tildy was awake in the next photo — but she was definitely not happy. This is obviously the part of the story where the two main characters don’t get along, because Tildy is crying in the photo as the horse named Colorado “Cody” has his tongue stuck out. “Cody tried to lick her LOL,” Cuoco wrote. That explains the reaction — his horsey tongue is practically as big as Tildy herself!

She zooms in on Tildy’s face in the next one, making an expression of absolute horror. Like, “Why would you bring me here, Mom?” It’s hilarious.

Finally, they got the meet-cute Cuoco was hoping for. “Carlata was so sweet! Look at their faces! 😭” she wrote.

Escarlata “Carlata” the horse was just snuggled against Cuoco’s neck, staring at Tildy. For her part, the newborn finally looked happy, just gazing adorably at the big horse. We knew she would come around!

  • Kaley Cuoco Is a Skilled Equestrian

    Image Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

    Cuoco loves riding horses. “I’m an equestrian. I love horses,” in a Sept. 2018 appearance on The Talk, per Insider. “I’d actually really like to challenge myself a little bit more in that area.”

    In a Sept. 2016 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she revealed that horseback riding helps her to “level out” her acting career. “It’s become a very important part of my life, very serious,” she said, per Entertainment Tonight. “It kind of levels me out with this whole Hollywood thing.”

    But since her fame grew, she decided to start competing under an alias. “Bringing paparazzi to horse shows is not a great idea,” she said. “It spooks the horses, so I’ve actually started showing under a secret name. I have a little bit of an alias which would be really stupid if I said the name right now, so I’ve been trying to steer clear of being super noticeable, but it’s a little bit hard when you’re being followed around.”

    She continued, “The problem is too in the horse world, a lot of people know what horses you ride and the names of them, and my horses are becoming a little bit more famous than I am. I have a horse named Poker Face, and I feel like that’s not hiding anything.”

  • Kaley Cuoco Once Had a ‘Freak Accident’ During a Riding Lesson

    Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

    While she was filming The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco suffered a “freak accident” that almost led to a leg amputation.

    In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Oct. 2010, Cuoco showed up with a broken leg and told the story to host Ellen DeGeneres. “I had a freak accident. It was at the end of my lesson, I’d been jumping all day, everything was going great,” Cuoco explained.

    “At the end of the lesson, my horse spooked,” she continued. “And I wasn’t really expecting it and I fell off. But I was laughing, and my trainer was laughing, and it was very, very silly. So I was actually getting up, and my horse was still kind of spooking, he was in the corner. He was trying to get away from me. He leapt over me and landed on my leg.”

    She went on to describe a cracking noise that she heard, which she was “hoping was leaves I was hearing crackling.”

    “But that was my bones,” she said. “I was looking down, and I’m looking, and I’m not feeling anything, and then I looked, and I’m like, ‘Wow, my foot’s facing me.’ And I was like, ‘That’s not normal!’” she added with a laugh. “It was like The Exorcist of my foot, so I went to pick it up, ‘cause I was just super shocked. I picked it up and the whole thing just came down and it was just —” and she made a flopping motion with her hand. Yikes! “it was just dangling, it was horrendous.”

    Cuoco describes the paramedics having to cut her boot off, and by then she was screaming. When she finally saw it, she says her leg “was open and all the bones were sticking out. It was really bad.” I can’t even imagine.

    She then explains getting to the hospital and hearing that she might have to have a leg amputation due to a possible infection. “So they had to tell me ‘cause I was going into emergency surgery that I might be coming out with one foot.” Luckily, she didn’t! But she does have metal bars in her leg to hold the bones together, which will stay the rest of her life.

    But it didn’t stop her from her love of riding. “If I could get this [cast] through my saddle, I would be on right now,” she said.

    That’s proven true, especally as she is introducing her daughter Tildy to her horses now! 

  • Kaley Cuoco & Tom Pelphrey Celebrated Their Anniversary with Baby Tildy

    Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

    Recently, Cuoco shared a heart-melting photo of her baby girl on Instagram to celebrate her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey. 

    “Cheers to a year with you @tommypelphrey ❣️,” Cuoco wrote in part. “Eternally grateful for you and what we have ❣️I love you, bub!”

    Their love is too sweet!

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