Kaavia James Delivers the Cutest Monologue for Her Dad Dwyane Wade’s Birthday & It’s a Wild Ramble Full of Love

Cake is sweet and presents are great, but a heartfelt — if perhaps slightly confusing — message from your child is the best birthday present any parent could ask for. And Kaavia James absolutely delivered in the cutest monologue for her dad Dwyane Wade’s 41st birthday.

In a new video posted to Instagram today, the 4-year-old held nothing back when it came to wishing her daddy a great birthday — and reminding him what a joy she is. Shady Baby left no crumbs in this performance!  

“Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!” the adorable video was captioned. “May this year be as strong and bountiful as your hairline. @dwyanewade ❤️😎🎉🎂.”

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Kaavia wears her hair in two ponytails, stands tall in a rainbow-colored Disney princess nightgown, and speaks confidently to the camera (as if we could expect any hesitation!).

“Happy birthday, Daddy!” she starts off with a smile. “I know you are going to have a great birthday. We’re going to say happy birthday to you tomorrow,” the little girl goes on.

“And it looks like you’re very happy to see me today. But I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kaavia continued. “But not seeing you. Just seeing on your phone. OK? OK. Bye!”

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The video was edited with a confused face and lots of question marks as she went on. It seems like she was trying to say that she wants him to have a happy birthday — but he’ll be even happier when he can see her in person tomorrow. So adorable!

The end of the video featured several more Kaavia-and-Daddy moments, including one picture of Kaavia passed out asleep on her dad’s lap.

“🥹🥹🥹🥹 my baby❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Wade commented on the video.

“Kaavia said she is the gift!” someone else commented. “She is absolutely right. 😍 Happy Birthday to her daddy!”

Union also shared this video to her Instagram Story, adding, “She don’t play about her daddy.”

She isn’t wrong! Kaavia calls her dad “Bro,” she sings with him in the car, and gives him the best hugs. For his part, Wade looks at his youngest daughter like his face is literally the heart-eyes emoji. Their bond is so sweet!

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