Jonathan Scott Reveals the Creative Way Zooey Deschanel’s Kids Embrace Him as Part of the Family

Kids can be brutally honest, trampling over your feelings with the grace of a wild stampede. So when they say or do something incredibly kind, you know it comes straight from the heart. Jonathan Scott opened up about how girlfriend Zooey Deschanel’s kids make him feel like part of the family, and it’s the cutest thing, ever.

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  • Jonathan Scott Reveals the ‘Sweet’ Thing Zooey Deschanel’s Kids Do

    Image Credit: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for CBS News

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Property Brother opened up about his blended family with Deschanel and her son Charlie, 6, and daughter Elsie, 7, who she shares with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik.

    “The kids’ dad is a great dad. We have an amazing relationship there as well,” he said. And it’s not just Scott who thinks so: Charlie and Elsie have embraced him as a parental figure, too!

    “I love it when the kids draw photos,” he gushed. “They draw Mommy and Daddy and Jonathan. It’s really sweet.” Aww! That is adorable. I’m just picturing those stick figure drawings with the family of five, and it’s so heart-warming. That’s high praise putting Jonathan up with his mom and dad, and we absolutely love it.

  • Jonathan Explains His ‘No BS’ Policy with Zooey Deschanel

    Image Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Environmental Media Association

    Elsie and Charlie are such great communicators because they have amazing examples. In the interview with ET, Scott opened up about the importance of being honest, which started with an agreement with his brother Drew Scott.

    “It honestly just stems from what Drew and I created. We have a ‘no BS’ policy. If there’s ever anything that’s troubling us, we get it out before it turns into something bigger than it needs,” Scott said. “Zooey also has the greatest conflict resolution skills of anyone I’ve ever known. She’s incredible. Our communication keeps everything together.”

  • Jonathan Scott & Zooey Deschanel’s Romance Was Written in the Stars

    Image Credit: Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

    Scott previously revealed that a tarot card reader predicted he would be a step-dad.

    “When she was doing my cards she’s like, ‘Ah, yes. You will be a father within the year.’ And I’m like — ‘Missing some key information, there!’ ‘Cause I wasn’t even dating anyone at the time,” he told ET in Aug. 2022.

    “Three months later, I met Zooey,” Scott continued. “We then started dating, never even thought of it until all of a sudden — I was the insta dad.”

    And he’s been embracing the kids — and her! — ever since. 

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